Last Dance with Mary Jane

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Lifestyle
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The inevitable has finally come to fruition – I am out of weed, and not just out of weed but OUT, as in nada, nil, el zilcho.  Oh shit, now what?  All sweat and no weed makes me a grumpy triathlete.

Insert frowny face here.

It’s not that I have given up my habit or lifestyle altogether or anything crazy like that; it’s just that I live on a very sustainable, self-sufficient level of pot use (in other words, I smoke what I grow myself or I don’t smoke at all).  I prefer to not participate in the whole commerce of marijuana and therefore not expose myself to the added risk of alienation, arrest, or worse.  However, despite the heat and humidity this past summer, it was primarily overcast and so my crop was reduced significantly limiting my storages of the good shit for the 2010/2011 training season.  So this might just be the year I perform sans weed.

To say I am not exactly thrilled would be the understatement of the year.  In fact, I am completed gutted.  As I have discussed before already, I actually consider marijuana as an important and integral part of my training and racing routine as it helps maintain my focus as well as my overall enjoyment of what I’m doing.  Without marijuana, it’s just swimming, cycling, and – horror of all horrors – running.  I may as well volunteer to have my naked body dragged around the race course for all the enjoyment it will bring me.

I know you’re probably figuring that I’m just over exaggerating here a wee bit, but I genuinely feel as if I’ve just had a leg amputated, or I’ve been forced to attempt the 90 kilometer bike leg on a unicycle.    I am trying to remain positive however.  This was to be a pretty big year for me training-wise, in that the focus is now on dropping weight and therefore getting faster and stronger.

Perhaps a little break from the pot this winter might better enable me to avoid the appetite enhancement and stick to my diet a little more rigidly, as well as force me to find alternative methods of motivation beyond getting blazed enough that I can endure just about anything with a smile on my face.  Maybe I can find some hemp flavored gels instead, or a synthetic THC supplement or something.

I still foresee some difficult and cranky training days in the near future though.  But I am going to do my best and make the honest effort to transform myself into your typical, healthy triathlete powered on pure, all natural piss and vinegar – even if it kills me.

Onward and forward…

  1. Hemp infused gu. You might have found your next calling!

  2. How about: “Heady grilled cheese w/ wilty organic greens”, “Phatty Veggie Burrito”, or “Leftover Bong Water” as potential new GU flavors?

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