Return of the Mack

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Motivation, Run, Training
  • Brick (click to see stats & route)
  • 1:27:38
  • Avg. Heart Rate = 160 bpm
  • Max. Heart Rate = 184 bpm
  • Calories = 1389

An INTENSE Brick tonight and I spent more bodily fluids than Robin Williams in a Turkish bathhouse.  This nut crusher of a workout consisted of repeated bouts of fast tempo riding interspersed with 2 x 7 minute runs at 85% maximum effort, and 1 x 7 minute easy recovery run. It was definitely the hardest workout of the off-season training so far, and absolutely rocked it.

The past four days sans weed have been, well, stressful.  And when I’m stressed I like to work hard.  I love having sweat pour down my face, the feeling like my legs are about to rip off, and then just zone out into la-la land and take it all in as if the entire workout is passing before my eyes in slow motion.  My mind then takes me to a different place and the quicker I find this “place” the better, but this has been hard to do lately being sober.  Fortunately for me, the Pot Gods smiled down on me this evening and provided the portal to find this “place” pretty fucking fast (you should read that as: “…and I got high, and I got high, and I got hiiiiiiigh!”).  Yet despite this welcome and unexpected herbal boost, I found that I was able to maintain a pace and effort at a harder-than-normal level throughout the entire workout.  Could it be?  I felt strong on the bike at a constant steady tempo both in and out of the saddle which has been difficult for me in the past as I am more of a slow “big gear rider”, and my runs were quick paced and comfortable; most importantly, it was all pain free.  Fucking awesome, right?

So is tonight’s success a result of my recent change in diet to that of vegetarianism and the consequent weight loss?  Are the weekly yoga classes finally improving my core strength?  Or, possibly, is it just that I feel more motivated working out high? Decreases maximum work capacity” , my ass.

Okay, let the drought commence…


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