El Gastrónomo Vagabundo

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Lifestyle, Nutrition

How can you not love these two?

It’s not often I do reviews of any sort, unless it revolves around the favored topics of me, myself, and I (you know how it is with us self-absorbed athlete types).  But hungry hippie triathletes on the go need good food to eat and I am absolutely thrilled at having found this new local catering business.  It’s healthy.  It’s tasty.  And he wears a toque and lumber jacket while he ladles his steaming wares into your bowl.  How incredibly awesome it that?

From the website I have learned that el gastrónomo vagabundo [gas-tro’no-mo] [vah-gah-boon’-do]; trans: the gourmet vagabond] is brought to you by peapod cuisine and is meant to be a new take on international street food, offering a continuously changing menu of globally inspired gourmet cuisine.  Spurred by the increasing popularity of mobile street food in North America, el gastro is the first mobile food truck of its kind in Canada, featuring gourmet tacos, tapas, Southeast Asian dishes, and garden fresh salads. El gastrónomo vagabundo is brought to you by Australian chef Adam Hynam-Smith and his Canadian partner Tamara Jensen, owners of Peapod Cuisine Inc.

To date, I have had both the hot Spicy Coconut Thai soup and the hot Tom Yum soup and both were friggin’ delicious.  I have also sampled the Bison stew and it was absolutely to die for. This weekends plan is to endure my long cold weather run on Saturday and then drop off for some hot venison stew immediately afterwards.

Enjoy, and ‘you’re welcome’.


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