Pomegranate Push Over

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Nutrition
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Fruit Porn

It’s not often I make posts of this type, but I felt compelled to remind all my friends and peers, that now that the holiday season is upon us, to be sure to take full advantage of it also being Pomegranate Season to boot.  Yes, now is the time to reap the full benefits of these delicious, uber-healthy super fruits before they begin disappearing again from supermarket shelves around the end of January.

For reference, when Eve was tempted in the Garden of Eden, it more than likely wasn’t an apple that ‘ol Lucifer was dangling under her fickle nose, but a pomegranate instead; that’s if you believe in all that Biblical horseshit about snakes, ribs, and forbidden fruit stuff, that is.  Personally, I just think pomegranates are the tits.

Also known as a Granada or a Chinese Apple, the pomegranate originates in the Middle East, India and Africa.  One pomegranate fruit contains a ton of nutrition, and best of all, it’s low in calories which is definitely a bonus for chubby triathletes, like myself.  In just one pomegranate there is around 100 calories and only about 25g of sugar. Remarkable considering how sweet and beautiful these things are.  But that’s only just the beginning of the nutrition value that pomegranate provides.  Pomegranates are also:

  • A great source of potassium
  • Have more antioxidants compared to other juices and even wine!
  • Contains vitamin B and Vitamin C
  • Great source of fiber
  • Helps prevent heart disease
  • Keeps your immune system in top notch conditions
  • Prevents buildup of material in your arteries

The local supermarket in Eden

So basically, its Gods wonder fruit; no wonder it was such an easy sell for Eve.  It was practically a ‘No Brainer’ for Adam, right?  “Shit, yeah, dish it up babe!” Fortunately, we don’t have to make any deals with the devil nowadays as the pomegranate fruit is now becoming more commercialized and can be found in supermarkets in a variety of forms. The most popular is pomegranate juice but there are also pomegranate jellies, pomegranate wines, and even pomegranate salad dressing. The wide adoption of the pomegranate is due to recent studies that have shown that the fruit contains a high amount of antioxidants that are beneficial to our health in many ways.  Antioxidants are those things that provide our bodies with numerous health benefits, and it’s only logical to include fruits and foods that contain antioxidants in our daily diet.  Pomegranates have just that: a high level of antioxidants. Aside from its rich flavor and the number of ways to eat and drink it, studies have shown that pomegranate contains more antioxidants than green tea, cranberries and even red wine!  By including pomegranate in your daily diet you can improve your blood flow and, in so doing, help prevent heart diseases such as heart attacks, stroke or clogged arteries.

Pomegranate also promotes healthy blood pressure levels and low cholesterol.  Pomegranate juice can be particularly helpful for men as well as studies have concluded that it may help prevent prostate cancer and growth, and anything that may help prevent my rectum being violated by cold blunt objects in the future is okay in my books.  I love keeping pomegranates around the house for all those random munchie attacks, particularly after I’ve been indulging a little.  My favorite way to eat pomegranate is in a salsa form where I combine the seeds with chopped yellow pepper, green onion, chopped celery, fresh cilantro, salt/pepper and a little olive oil.  De-fucking-licious!

So while you’re planning out all your holiday meal plans this season, be sure to also stock up on these delicious treats at your local supermarket as shortly, they will be all but gone again.  Consider yourself informed and, once again, ‘you’re welcome’.

Merry Christmas and happy and healthy eating.


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