Resolution Run

Posted: December 31, 2010 in In Transition, Races
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  • Resolution Run (click to see stats)
  • 4.98k (36:05)
  • Avg. Heart Rate = 132 bpm
  • Max. Heart Rate = 149 bpm
  • Avg. Pace = 5:59 /km
  • Max. Pace = 4:56 /km
  • Calories = 489
  • Temp = 9º


Resolution Run (36:05)

I had an opportunity this evening to participate in a special community ‘Resolution 5k Run’ sponsored by the local Running Room.  It seemed like an ideal way to ring in the New Year, or more correctly, finish one off.  Apparently, the race organizers were also collecting proceeds to go towards the local Alzheimer Society.  Yes, nary was there a dry eye in the store when an Alzheimer’s patient took the platform to offer an appreciation speech, and he emotionally addressed the throngs of orange jacket clad runners by asking: “what are you all doing here, and why are you all dressed the same?” Okay, that last part didn’t really happen but it would have been pretty sweet if it had.  It was really just a treat for me to run tonight with a great friend, for whom, this was her first running event; so it was particularly special.  It’s not always about me, and sometimes I have to remember myself of that and just be there for the sake of participating and having fun.  Maybe I’m encouraging another runner along, walking intervals with another, joshing with the aid station volunteers, cracking jokes in the scrum of runners, or just keeping a friend company in the rain like I did tonight.  This also brings me to my first 2011 inductee onto the prestigious and growing Team Tigerrabbit roster:

My financial adviser; more accurately, Judy is a friend.  Judy has been an integral part of my journey almost from the beginning.  In just over three short years, Judy has assisted me to pay off my never-ending student loans and towards becoming (nearly) debt free in the process, and part of this ‘process‘ was actively planning and budgeting for all my upcoming future goals.  It’s because of her, I have already registered for (as well as paid for) my trip to participate in the Cancun 70.3 in September 2011 and, God willing, again for Ironman Wales come 2012.  Being physically and mentally prepared is one thing and I seem to have that pretty much under control at the moment, but having the financial means to actually accomplish it is entirely another.  Lords knows that triathlon is not a cheap sport to begin with, however, when you’re not skilled at something as simple as day-to-day budgeting as, clearly I am not, it’s damn next to impossible.  Where my coach gives me the road map schedule I need to prepare physically, Judy gives me her own schedule by which to make it all possible, and now that Judy’s own interest in triathlon has been piqued, it’s becoming a quid pro quo kind of arrangement and I absolutely love that.  Even more exciting is that, soon, Judy will be having more racing adventures like these of her own as she (we) begins to set our sights on the Grimsby Half Marathon in February.  I felt very thankful to have been present tonight at the start somebody else’s own adventure, one I hope to enjoy watching unfold throughout 2011 from the comforts of my lazy-boy recliner stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

Thanks Judy, and welcome to the team.


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