The Skittle Workout

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Swim, Training

Motivation personified

I know, I know, two words that should never be used in juncture when referencing triathlon training, but there it is.  Now before you begin to salivate at thought of getting to “taste the rainbow”, understand that this is one ass-kicker of a swim workout.  Indeed the toughest I have completed to date.

60 x 50m (1:00) (click to see stats)

Wait, only 50 meters on a minute?  That doesn’t sound so difficult, does it?  But, remember, that’s also maintaining a 3 k/ph pace for exactly one hour with only very minimal breaks.  Not so easy.  But where do the Skittles come in you ask?  Well, those are more for added motivation during the brief rest periods between 50m’s in order to keep going, much like a lab rat receiving treats in order to continue on through a maze.

Here is the breakdown of how the workout went in my mind:

15 x 50m = Feeling pretty good with no issues.  Keeping a strong pace and getting about 10-12 seconds of rest; just enough time to grab a quick mouthful of Skittles before having to go again.  Shit, this is going to be a cake walk.

25 x 50m = Beginning to get fatigued now and my pace is beginning to slow down.  I’m getting 7-8 seconds of rest now before needing to go again.  No more opportunities for Skittles.  Crap!

35 x 50m = Really tired now.  I’m getting about 4-5 seconds of rest and have to really work to maintain the pace in order to get back before my minute is up.

45 x 50m = Holy shit!  I’m dying here.  I’m only getting 2-3 seconds of rest now and really missing those Skittles which are sitting on the pool deck taunting me with their rainbow deliciousness.

50 x 50m = My shoulders ache, my neck is sore, but, for whatever reason, my pace is beginning to feel good again.  Maybe I can do this.  I’m still maintaining my current pace with 2-3 seconds of rest.

55 x 50m = Only five more 50’s to go.  I’m beginning to pick up the pace again for another 4-5 seconds of rest.  REALLY want those Skittles!

57, 58, 59 x 50m = Pain and soreness be damned; I’m going all out on the last few 50m’s in order to get back in 47 seconds so I can rest, or, back to my original pace in the beginning.  Then it’s ‘bring on the Skittles, baby!’


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