The Market Workout

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Gym, Lifestyle

I am in the middle of ramp period in my training, which directly translates to: more mileage – period.  I am now having much longer sessions for each of the three disciplines, particularly, of course, running.  This means that more of my time is being taken up by these long runs, 3k swim workouts and the endless, mindless hours of spinning and spin classes.  And to boot, I’m also still very dedicated to both my yoga and core workouts.  So, eventually, something has to give and that ‘something’ lately has been the weights.

I get about one good session of weights in a week, although I do incorporate lots of push-ups and squats into my core sessions, but it’s still not often I do any serious high-intensity strength training.  It’s become more about the shorter, inner balance and flexibility routines than it is with the longer, more intense ‘rip-your-arms-and-legs-off ‘free weight sessions.  And I am okay with this; my strength is improving, as is my core, my endurance threshold is increasing by leaps and bounds, my pace is getting quicker and my form is more developed.  In fact, everything performance-wise is up, except, the amount of recovery time I need to recuperate afterwards.  That’s actually decreasing.

So I’m a big believer in working out as you go.  The living world is your gym, and all the treasures found within are your free weights to utilize smartly.  In essence, why not slip in a quick full body workout while you’re already doing something else, something average, something routine?  Something while you’re already engaged in another of those mundane everyday tasks of life.  Why not use those opportunities to your advantage?  Who needs to make special time to go to the gym when you can simply go about your business and, instead, complete the total body ‘Market Workout’ on your own precious time instead?


6:00am:  My alarm goes off waking me but then I remember that I don’t have to get up and go for a run so I press the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep.  Beautiful.

6:15am: My alarm goes off again and I toss it across the room.  Resume sleeping.

8:00am: I finally get out of bed, feed the cat, put on the kettle and set about getting my morning high on (or, as is the case recently, sit and stare out the window at the snow on the back porch).  I will quickly check my email, scarf down an apple, grab my eco-friendly shopping bag and get dressed to go out.


8:30am: Arrive at the Downtown Farmer’s Market to begin my workout.  Slow jog to the Kurtis Coffee stand as a quick warm up.  I can usually make it from the car and across the parking lot to the vendor’s booth in about 2-3 minutes providing I’m feeling good and I can find a decent parking spot.  Once there I pick up my hot, dark roasted brew and get ready to begin the workout.

8:35am: The workout begins by completing a few laps around the market to get a feel for what’s being offered that day and begin to plan out my week’s menu plan, as well as to get the blood circulating in my limbs.  There is no real focus here on time or pace, just on maintaining a steady rhythm and enjoying my coffee.  I particularly like to linger at the Tonami Lebanese Vegetarian Food and Golden Bread Bakery booths as they usually smell amazing.

8:45am: My workout beginsat the Bry-Anne Farms where I will complete a set of bicep curls while choosing the perfect cucumber.

Bicep curls.

8:50am: Venture over to the Havelszky Fruit Farm and complete a set of tricep extensions using the huge-ass Bosc pears they usually have available.

Tricep curls.

8:55am: Finish this first circuit with a short sprint back to the Happy Spoon Granola across the market for a free Dixie cup sample of home-made granola.  Rest for a few minutes while consuming said granola.

9:05am: Next, complete a set of military presses with jars of homemade roasted tomato & butter squash soup from Live Food!, in order to work the deltoids (shoulders) which are important for a strong, efficient swim stroke.

Military Press

9:07am: Work the chest (also important for swimming) with a set of fly’s using acorn squash from Mark Houtby Farms.


9:12am: Time to exercise the back.  Complete a set of bent over row using a bushel of Macintosh apples from the Beamers Family Farm.

Bent over row.

9:15am: Another quick break to snack on a biscotti from La Familgli. If the line is too big (since the market will have gotten considerably busier by this time), you can always go for a pumpkin spice muffin from de la terre Bakery instead.


9:20am: Having finished working the upper body it’s now time to think about the lower.  Complete another lap of the market doing lunges substituting your nearly full shopping bag for dumbbells making sure to pick up some basil, cilantro from Houweling Greenhouses and fresh eggs from Bessy’s Poultry.


9:25am: Do a quick set of calf extensions while reaching for cheese samples from the Cheesy Guys.  Usually, they have about a dozen different varieties of cheese to try so if you plan it right, you can probably get an extra set of extensions in before you begin to raise any suspicion.

Calf extension.

9:30am: Warm down:  slow jog back to the car with your full shopping bags of fresh market goods.  If you’re feeling up to it (hey, it’s your rest day, right?), you can also grab a bag of sweet n sour popcorn from Shriners’ Kettle Creek Popcorn as a treatto make the whole workout complete.

Mmmm, popcorn…

fatandthefurious gratefully acknowledges Lucky 73 in helping to provide these helpful instructional, yet arty, photographs.  Please click on the provided link for more A Dave A Day.


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