The Lovecats

Posted: February 1, 2011 in In Transition
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"Is it dinner time yet?"

There is another member of Team Tigerrabbit that I should recognize.  There is a term that some spouses will use to refer to themselves when distinguishing themselves from their often-absent triathlete partners, something known as being a ‘tri widow’.  In my case, I’m not married nor do I much, but I still have my own tri widow that pines away for me while I’m out and about.  Someone who always looks forward to my eminent return; somebody who will get pissy when I get home only to change into my workout clothes and head back out the door again for a 2 hour run; someone who gets jealous of the time I spend with my bikes and fussing over equipment; someone who doesn’t necessarily look forward to those three day race weekends like I do; but someone who will still support and love me anyway.  I am speaking about my cat here.

My cat. Miso does not particularly like or appreciate my exploits into the world of Ironman.  He definitely misses the convenient lap time in the evenings and his diet has become about as rigid as mine over the past two years, and if Daddy doesn’t snack, then kitty doesn’t get to snack either.  After all, if I’m going healthy he’s going healthy and he has even dropped another 1.2 lbs of his own feline fat and soon he’ll be sporting his own little furry 6-pack.  Not only does he spend all those hours in the window waiting for me to return tired enough to flop down on the couch undefended against his snuggle attacks, but he also has to go without his regular treats and goodies.  Yes, life is often difficult for my poor, little destitute puddy tat; the real victim in all this Ironmadness.  I am very lucky and appreciative to be greeted with such unwavering enthusiasm when I get home, even if it is just because I’m 30 minutes late in serving up his dinner.  And for that, Miso has joined the team with full VIP status.


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