The Big List of Triathlon Awesome

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Motivation
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It’s becoming hard to ignore lately that I’m unhappy and I just don’t understand where this recent bout of depression is coming from.  Maybe it’s due to the recent cutting back on my habitual marijuana use, the fact that I spent Valentines Day alone on a treadmill, or maybe it’s some deep rooted issue stemming from having seen my grandmother naked as a child, I don’t know exactly.  Whatever it is, I’m miserable and the worse I feel the more I want to train and that can’t be terribly healthy.  Or is it?  My training therefore has evolved into some masochistic ritual through which to punish myself.  I don’t like to be unhappy and it bothers me but, DAMN!, it does result in some pretty intense training weeks.  That’s good, right?

So in an effort to cheer myself up I recently read The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.  I thought then that it may be productive if I jotted down a few awesome things of my own as they pertain to my training and why I love it so.  Basically, to remind myself that it’s not some sick form of torture but, rather, something that is supposed to bring me joy and happiness.  There is a lot awesome about triathlon and I will no doubt add to this list over time as I’m still finding totally new awesome things about the sport that I hadn’t yet discovered.  That, in itself, is something specific about this sport that makes it awesome.  How awesome is that?

So without further adieu, here are the first 12 totally awesome things about triathlon:

1.      Putting on warm tights straight out of the dryer. This is the preferred way to begin any cold weather run (or evening for that matter).  There are fewer simple pleasures in a runner’s life than sliding on toasty stretchy pants before heading headlong into a blustery winters day, let me tell you; your muscles are all warm and springy and your Charlie Brown’s are cinched up like two warm hard boiled eggs in a hanky.  Awesome.

2.      Rushing into spin class late and seeing that your preferred bike is still available. For those of us who have succumbed to the trials of indoor spinning classes throughout the winter season, we usually have one preferred bike or location where we like to spin.  Maybe you like the gearing on one bike, or it fits the clips on your cleats better, or it’s directly under the fans, or maybe it’s the perfect vantage point to scope out all the babes on those girly thigh machines in the spin studio mirror, whatever, we just like spinning in that spot.  How awesome it is when you rush in late from work with 30 seconds left to spare and see that’s free and is even set up to your exact specifications. Awesome.

3.      That first cup of coffee after your morning swim. I don’t know about anyone else, but I turn up for my 6:30am Sunday ‘Masters Swim’ class as much for the chance to have coffee with my training partners and friends as I do for the workout; “One venti bold with soy, please.  Awesome.”

4.      Getting over that first hill on the bike course. Heart rate goes up.  Heart rate goes down.  Awesome.

5.      Finding no one swimming in the ‘Fast’ lane. No fighting off seniors with daggers for toe nails or dealing with the old woman who insists on whip-kicking down the middle of the lane with a sponge strapped to her head.  A whole lane to yourself.  No obstacles.  Awesome.

6.      Sitting down to hearty bowl of stew after a long, cold run. You worked hard and you’re frozen to the core.  You stopped being able to feel your feet around the 15k mark but there is a steaming bowl of home-made stew waiting for you on the dinner table as soon as you step in; waves of savory warmth navigate down into your body with every mouthful.  Awesome.

7.      You managed to set a new PB for a 21.5k run along a hilly course that nobody else will ever know about. You kick ass, tough guy.  Awesome.

8.      Post-workout naps. You managed to crawl out of bed early and slip into cold tights to survive a quick tempo paced workout, and now you have a few minutes to…just…lay…down…awesome.

9.      Needing to reset your heart rate monitor to reflect your new weight loss. The diet plan has been going well and those pounds have been shedding off steadily for the past few weeks and you still have a long way to go to race season.  You realize though, that you’re only burning about a 1/5 fewer calories than you were around this same time last year but, oh yeah, you still need to reset your body weight on your Garmin to reflect your new lighter frame.  Awesome!

10.    Finally being able to hold that Hala-asana yoga pose for a full minute without snapping your spine in half. You’re not paralyzed, nor did you did fall over and crush the old woman beside you under your massive girth.  Awesome!


11.     You catch the person who blew past you at mach 3 early on the course. It’s happened to all of us at some point in a race, where we didn’t just get passed by another racer, we got run down by a blur riding a flashy $8000 carbon fiber rocket ship, and then later, perhaps you caught them pushing that same rocket ship up a steep hill, or later after they’ve already burned themselves out and are now reduced to walking during the run, whatever.  You stayed true to your training plan and didn’t get suckered into racing someone else’s race, and now you’re leaving them in the dust.  Awesome.

12.     When the water in your ear finally pops. There is little more annoying then getting out of the pool after a long workout and realize that you have that little bit of water still sloshing around inside your inner ear.  You bob your head vigorously to the one side and even wiggle your finger around in there to hopefully loosen up the blockage, but nada.  Eventually, annoyed, you lay down where suddenly *pop*, the warm gushy fluid runs out onto your pillow and you’re all good again.  Awesome!

Please, if anyone has any other Awesome things that they would like to add to this particular list, I would be very happy to hear and include them.

  1. Darzy says:

    It seems were are all cut from the same cloth, aren’t we? Love your blogs!!!

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