Grimsby Half Marathon

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Races
  • Grimsby Half Marathon (click to see stats & route)
  • Chip Time = 1:47:05 (click to see race stats)
  • Category Place = 18/39 (M 35-39)
  • Overall Place = 131/246 (top 40%)
  • Avg. Heart Rate = 160 bpm
  • Max. Heart Rate = 169 bpm
  • Avg. Pace = 5:02 /km
  • Max. Pace = 4:34 /km
  • Calories = 2025
  • Temp = 3º
  • SOTD = ‘Got to Get Better In a Little While’ (live) by Derek & the Dominoes

I really had no idea up until the start how I wanted to approach this race today.  Part of me wanted to go ‘balls to the wall’ and see how much I could top my previous Personal Best at this distance (2:06:02), and the other part just wanted to enjoy the day and treat it as any other training run.  The former logic prevailed in the end and I just decided to run a “smart” race instead and just see what happens.

Right off the hop, the lead out pace was fast and after the first 2k I decided to let the speed demons go, find my comfortable race pace and see how many I could reel back in by the end.  I’ve learned that I’m a ‘chaser’ at heart and I seem to perform better and get stronger the longer and farther I go.  Knowing this, I began to earmark the runners around me who were beginning to break away in the hopes that I would find them later after they’d burned themselves out.

With this in mind the first 10k or so were rather comfortable, albeit maybe a bit too comfortable so I decided to begin ‘reeling in the line’, so to speak.  As it also happened around the 11k mark, the course took a turn into very sloppy, snowy paths and unplowed neighborhood streets that lacked anything resembling traction; all the better for me as this is also what I train in 7 times out of 10 lately, so I decided to take advantage of the situation and attack.  What the hell.  I quickly dropped my current group of runners and went in search of the next pack ahead of me, and so it went for the next 5-6 kilometers with me giving chase to the same runners I had marked way back in the early stages and passing them.  Besides being a shitload of fun, this ‘search and destroy’ tactic serves me well in races and often results in some nice negative splits for me (as was the case today).

Over all, I felt great and ran well.  I stripped nearly 20 minutes off my PB set last summer, maintained a fast average pace of 5:02 k/ph, and finished in the top half of my very competitive age category to boot (also a first).  To top it all off, given ideal weather and road conditions, I think I could do it faster still.  Not bad for a stoner, eh?  There were a few times, of course, when my right hip flexor became tight (as it does), followed by the customary ache in my left knee as a result of my left side overcompensating, but it was nowhere near the point of my ever having to stop or slow down.  I also noticed that I developed stiff shoulders around the 18k mark, which is unusual as I’m typically a pretty relaxed runner.  But regardless, it was a good day and definitely a fantastic confidence booster heading into the Bay next month.

2011 Fitness Goal #2ACHIEVED

  1. I am SOOOOOO proud of you! 1:47 You seriously destroyed this. I am in awe! Congrats.

  2. Yeah, who knew? Go, go, gadget weight loss!

  3. Jan says:

    EXCELLENT Terry! Annika is SURE SHE SAW YOU in Grimsby and she was thrilled! She was bursting to tell me when she got back to Beamsville to me. I’m SO proud of you and so is Jodi. You not only achieved your goal but surpassed it while in sloppy weather even. SUPERB!

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