Hip to Adductors

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Gym, Injuries and Owies

Hip adductors

Another area of tenderness lately is my hip adductors.  During my long runs, I am noticing that my right hip becomes tight, resulting in both a dull ache in my left knee and ITB area as well as an increased soreness in my Quadriceps (to be discussed later).  It may be then that my left side is overcompensating for a weakness stemming from my right hip.  The hip muscles consist of both adductors and abductors (as well as extensors and flexors).  The adductors consist of the brevis, magnus, the pectineus, longus and the gracilis.  These adductor muscles are located on the medial or inside of the hip and thigh and allow you to move the legs toward the body.  The abductors by comparison, work on the outside of the hip and thigh, moving the leg out and away from the body.  Needless to say, these two muscle groups specifically are a pretty important group of muscles when it comes to running.

So, being the glutton for punishment I am, I began looking for additional strength-building routines to help with strengthening my hips.  Hip abductors are no big deal to strengthen (cable exercises), but the adductors posed to be a bit more difficult.  But then, BAM!, my coach offers up the solution for toning the inner thigh adductor muscles during our Sunday core workout:  the static adductor lift.

Static Aductor Lift

To perform this exercise, lie on your side with both feet pointing forward, with your upper leg crossed over the lower leg, with the foot of the upper leg resting on the floor.  Keeping your knees and toes pointing forward smoothly lift your lower leg to a position of about 30 degrees, hold for as long as you feel comfortable with, prior to lowering under control and repeating, for desired reps.  Swap onto the other side and repeat the same process (ankle weights or resistance bands can be used to make this exercise harder).  Throughout the movement, focus on feeling the muscles of the upper leg (outer side) and buttocks performing the action.

Aside from this particular exercise, I guess I could always use those girlie thigh machines that I never see any other dude using at the gym.  Of course, these uber-fem machines will be my last option as nobody really wants to see some sweaty fat dude flashing them quick shots of his crotch.  After all, the gym is not a police interrogation room and I am not Sharon Stone.

  1. […] right foot is slightly pigeon-footed which may be resulting from a tight piriformis within my right hip adductors.  This is probably the root cause of the tightness I have experienced on my runs and I can now use […]

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