Tightwad Triathlete Tip #1

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Financial, Nutrition
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Triathlon is not a cheap sport by any means.  Even after you’ve forked out the dough for all your equipment, specialized clothing, assorted protein bars and energy drinks, gym memberships, race fees, not to mention the cost to get there to compete in the first place (especially if you’re interested in competing Internationally as I am), there is usually very little left for much else.  That’s why this tightwad triathlete has devised some rather creative, if not, devious means with which to cut corners on my overall weekly expenses.  After all, the more I save elsewhere, the more I can put towards my chosen hobby.  And who doesn’t love spending money on the things that make them happy in life?

Eating healthy can be quite the drain on your budget, particularly in the winter.  Through the colder months, beginning in November, I might spend the equivalent of the Gross National Product for any small developing African country on fresh fruit and vegetables alone – never mind anything else.  Tomatoes in particular are costly this time of year, however, they also provide an excellent readable source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and lycopene which aids in the prevention of cancer, among other things.  And who doesn’t want to prevent against cancer, right?

One of my other guilty pleasures from time to time is Subway.  I have learned then to take advantage of this guilty pleasure in that I can also use it as a means to stock up on lycopene as well as the other vitamins n’ shit.  Now, while they may charge you an extra $1.50 for an extra measly three slices of cheese on any particular sandwich, you can have as many tomatoes (or other veggies for that matter) as you wish.  Perfect.  Load me up!

“Could you put a little more tomato on that?”

I have the surfer guy (affectionately known as ‘Dude”) behind the counter dress my assorted sub with so many layers of tomato that it’s nearly impossible to fold the sandwich over.  The Dude practically gets a hernia each time he tries to lug it over to the cash register.  By the time he has finished making my $5.00 assorted sandwich, I am walking out with, easily, $6.00 worth of freshly sliced tomato-y goodness to boot; all of which will end up in a Tupperware container at home for future use in salads, wraps, etc.   You can pull the same stunt, of course, for green pepper, red onion, chilies, cucumber, lettuce, pickles, or whatever other fresh produce you happen to be craving and don’t necessary want to pay for.

“The new ‘Mt. Ventoux’ special at Subway”

And while still managing to “Eat Fresh!” you can also save big time on your weekly grocery bill.  How awesome is that?  Thanks Subway!

  1. Aquaman says:

    I have conflicting emotions… It seems so wrong… but at the same time you’re the biggest genious in the world… I’ve got to give it to you on this one, that’s a brilliant move!!

  2. Carolyn H. says:

    This has me cracking up. Thanks for the tip.

  3. AQUAMAN! Where you been? Your swim lane has been slacking in your absence. And as far as your conflicted emotions go…how do they taste? How many calories are in a conflicted emotion exactly? 🙂

  4. Aquaman says:

    Sorry I’ve been away, I had a track meet, and now i’m on my way to S.Carolina to train, so myself and mantaray shall be absent for the next two weeks… We’re not slacking though, we’re working hard :p

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