Sock it to me!

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Equipment

You know which piece of triathlon equipment is particularly important, but which you almost never hear anybody ever talking about?  Socks – that’s what.  But who gets excited over socks, right?  It’s not an overly important decision like choosing a brand of wetsuit or tri-suit and, yet, if you not should happen to take this consideration seriously, you are in for a long, painful experience – trust me.  Sure some of you may not need or even wear socks during your races or training sessions, but I have particularly sensitive tootsies and considering that running is painful in and of itself, why make things worse by overlooking such a minute detail?   Likewise, I’m also perfectly fine with the added few seconds it takes in transition to put them on during a race.  Comfort is much more important to me than grinding out a few seconds in an uncomfortable run on blistered feet (any of you who have had to run on blisters before, will know what I’m talking about). 

Basically, running socks are made of two lightweight, moisture wicking materials which will ultimately help prevent blistering by absorbing the friction between the layers. Your feet will stay dry as the inner layer wick the moisture away from the foot and into the outer layer for evaporation.  Some running socks may have added cushioning to give you that added protection from pavement pounding during your run while others may offer you minimal cushioning but instead will allow your foot to breathe better.  Some may have their inseam on the outside so that your l’il piggies don’t rub and get irritated while working out.

However, most preferred types of running socks I’ve found at my local running stores are ghastly expensive.  Who spends $25 on a pair of freakin’ socks?  Not this tightwad triathlete, that’s for sure!  Instead, I usually just purchase whatever cheap-ass specials I can find in the aisles at Kmart and then just replace them every month or so after they’ve literally rotted off my foot.  However, even this purchasing practice is becoming costly so maybe it’s time to invest in something that has a little more durability and life to it.  Fortunately, I recently found this cute (yes, I used the word ‘cute’) website: (click for website).

Presto!  More running socks at reasonable prices than you could shake a stick at; socks for literally all purposes and occasions.


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