The Dark Side of Amazing

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Motivation

Some days you run for scenery, sometimes to escape, and others to train for distance or speed. Today I wanted to suffer a little bit so I picked the darkest, most foreboding point on the horizon and ran straight into it.  Yeah, I know, I can be stupid like that.  So what do you listen to when running into an approaching tempest?  Well, the Flaming Lips take on Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album will do nicely for starters.

I know…I know…how can you cover a Pink Floyd album, right?  That’s sacrilege!  Well, hang onto your torches and pitchforks for a moment, brah, it has been done once before when Luther Wright & the Wrongs made a bold bluegrass version of ‘The Wall’ a few years back, so its not totally unfathomable.  In fact, the Lips didn’t just redo this album so much as they completed remodeled and overhauled it to breath fresh life and interest back into it.  Sure the original is one of the most praised classic albums of all time, but after a thousand and one listens are you really going to put it on again during any of your workouts…if at all?  Not this stoner, that’s for sure!  Maybe while doing midnight buckets bongs or something, but while running or spinning – never.

The Lips version of DSOTM, however, is simply amazing!  The perfect accompaniment for any mental toughness training session be it running, spinning, or whatever.  Rather than its predecessor’s moody and melodic musical canvass, the Lips instead rip it a new one by adding driving bass rhythms, inspired solos and looping guitar licks, as well as uniquely catchy and powerful hooks.  Just the kind of thing you want to be listening to when the wind is in your face and the driving rain is beginning to sting your cheeks and you’re still 12k away from your ultimate destination.  Not exactly the time for the collective works of Enya, that’s for sure.  The album was released through iTunes back in 2009 and was released on other digital music retailers a week later.  The album was a collaboration piece that also features Stardeath, the White Dwarves, Henry Rollins and Peaches (of all people).

The entire release is laden with techno-pop and pure industrial accoutrement to keep your limbs a-pumpin’. The opener “Speak To Me/Breathe” marks a slow build of heartbeats and evil laughter narrated by Mr. Rollins; this new rendition reshapes itself with distorted modern stoner rock melted by swinging sixties swagger (just the kind of thing to kickstart your warm up).  The rest of the album rages forth with a steady surge that builds on each track to affect (in my mind) the perfect kickass companion for your next kickass workout, whether it be hills, tempo, or whatever.


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