Tightwad Triathlete Tip #3

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Financial, Yoga

Some of you might remember me lamenting a while back about the cost of acquiring decent attire for my yoga classes.  I mean, seriously, $60 for a pair of yoga shorts?  That’s bloody outrageous!  Anybody who forks out that kind of money on yoga clothes should have their chakras checked.  But, alas, fellow tightwad triathletes, for I have found a suitable alternative.

Usually, I only go into the local Giant Tiger for tin foil ($.99), or just whenever I need a little ego boost.  Hey, I don’t want to come across as a hater here or anything, nor do I want to alienate anyone who’s ever bought anything at Giant Tiger, but it so happens that the particular branch in my neighborhood attracts a clientele that you might expect to see wandering around at, say, the downtown methadone clinic…but, regardless, one can never go wrong with a steady supply of cheap tin foil and so I venture in once a month or so; total ghetto shopping.

It was on just one such excursion that I happened to see them: pairs of cheap ass bathing suits. And not the kind with god awful floral designs, or squirrels in top hats, or something equally stupid printed all over them; they were basic black with white trim.  They have two convenient side pockets; they’re made of a breathable material; they have a thick draw cord that doesn’t get sucked back into the waistband each time you undo it; they seemed…ideal.  It did have one of those annoying liners sewn inside of it but nothing that couldn’t also be easily removed.  Best of all, it was on sale from its original price of $16.99 to the discounted price of $12.97.  Sweet!

Lululemon my ass!

I grabbed the one pair – black (of course) – and placed it under my arm alongside my tin foil and made for the checkout.  I decided to give them a try later at my yoga class and so I removed the lining inside them with a pair of scissors.  I like to wear compression shorts while doing yoga but I don’t relish having my junk out there for the world to scoff at so I also like to wear something looser over them (and hence the need for yoga shorts).  Where I couldn’t justify spending serious bucks on something to wear over something else, but $13.00?  Well, that’s entirely a different story…sure, why not?  And as it turns out they were awesome!

Note: thats M for MEDIUM.

They were easy to twist and bend in and didn’t make any annoying swooshing sounds when I brushed my thighs together or against the mat.  Most importantly, there was no binding or riding up in the rear end.  To be perfectly honest – they were really comfortable.  They tended to bunch up in the crotch a little while positioned in seated poses but, hey, who can’t do with a little extra bunching up in the crotch, am I right?  Beggars can’t be choosers after all.  Heck, I may even go back for another pair with added bunching.

  1. Jan says:

    Glad your parts are breathing and happy! Way to go Terry and Giant Tiger.

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