New Training Schedule, or ‘The Big Suck: Part 2’

Posted: May 6, 2011 in The Plan

Okay, so to quote one Private William Hudson: it’s time to “quit your grinnin’ and drop your linen people”. What I’m ever so eloquently trying to say is, that’s it’s finally time to get things revved up into full gear.  No more idle “conditioning”, no more fancy catch phrases like “training to train”…it’s time to get serious.  The Welland Half Iron is only seven weeks away and the off-season is officially over.  It’s time to crawl into the hurt locker for good and make myself cozy as it’s going to be a very exhausting four months.

Now, before reviewing my weekly schedule in detail, it’s important to understand that I am basing my training schedule on a four-week periodization plan with the fourth week being an easy recovery week.  The point of periodization is to gradually build your endurance level (not to mention your threshold for pain and discomfort) without over-taxing your body in the process and thereby damaging or injuring it.  The ultimate goal here is to arrive at your peak physical conditioning or at your “race best” on the day of your actual event – in my case, Cancun 70.3 on September 18th, 2011 (154 days).  I followed the same periodization process with my run training this past winter leading up to my Around the Bay race in March and that turned out pretty well, right?

Now all I have to is do the exact same thing one more time.  Except, this time, I have to do it with all three disciplines and ready to do them consecutively one after the other.  Seem daunting?  Tell me about it.  So without further adieu, I present to you my new and improved outdoor summer training schedule (for my previous training schedule click here).

I give you the ‘Big Suck: Part 2’.

Monday:  Swim / Weights

The week starts off in the pool.  I am now beginning to build my swim workouts from the current 2.5k mark to more around the 3k mark and beyond.  I really want to maintain having a strong opening swim so I just don’t want to be comfortable at the 2k distance; I want to rock it.  Remember, one of the fitness goals this year is to complete a sub-30 minute 2k open water swim so it’s time to up the ante in the pool a little bit.  I still plan to off-set my upper body strength training with either a light weights sessions before and/or a light yoga afterwards to keep my all-important core strong and developing.  If all goes well, these weights sessions will be the only indoor workout (apart from the pool that is) that I see all summer.

Tuesday:  Bike / Yoga

Looking to get some good tempo rides in on Tuesdays.  I had good luck weather-wise on Tuesdays last year so I’m following the same plan this year.  Worse comes to worse I can swop this day with either Monday’s or Wednesday’s swim workout instead.  These are also the workouts where I will try to scout out some hills, practice some one-legged pedaling drills, wind sprints, etc.  I like to head east towards the country routes of Niagara-on-the-Lake so you can look forward to many vineyard photos in the future.  Of course, what better way to round out a bike workout with some light yoga in my new YOGA GARDEN!!

Wednesday:  Run / Yoga

Wednesdays are Run Day.  In most cases, I’m simply going to begin putting some mileage on the sneakers and burn some calories at a slow, steady pace.  Nothing too strenuous or challenging, just focusing on my form, my breathing, and having an otherwise good time; a perfect Brussel Sprout Philosophy kind of day.  I plan on listening to and getting reacquainted with some old forgotten CD’s I discovered the other day in a box under my bed.  Occasionally, however, just for shits and giggles, I’m going to through in the odd speedy tempo run or Fartlek just to keep things interesting.  As well, more time in the yoga garden will be no doubt be appreciated and looked forward to as well.

Thursday: Swim / (Easy) Bike / Core

Thursday’s are the first of my “Double Duty” days.  I will be up early swimming in the pool before work and reeking of chlorine around the office.  Same as Mondays, I’m building my distance and speed, but I’d also like to make this Thursday sessions more focused around my kicking and kicking drills. Later, after work I want to begin working those tired legs on the bike again with some easy pedaling for 90 minutes or so around the neighborhood; nothing too fast or difficult, just running more on brussel sprout power and burning those evil, evil calories.  I’ll inevitably do some added core work or light yoga in the garden when I get back.

Friday:  (Easy) Run

It’s the same idea as Wednesday; nothing too strenuous or difficult or 60 minutes or so (approximately 10-12k).  I’ll just be going for a light trot around the neighborhood to listen to my phat tunes or Audiobooks and simply see wassup – total brussel sprout day.  Maybe I can even coax somebody into joining me perhaps.

Saturday:  Off

I really enjoyed having Saturdays as my designated recovery day last year. It was a whole day to myself to lie around doing nothing if I so choose; nada…buttkiss…el Zilcho.  It’s true; I’m not planning on doing much these days apart from buying groceries and maybe going out for breakfast.  I may go visit with family, do some laundry, go for a massage, or just read outside on the porch instead.  Hell, I may even have a beer, whatever.  If my heart rate spikes over, say, 85 bpm, then it won’t have been an entirely successful day in my mind.

Sunday: Brick (Bike/Run)

And on the Seventh Day, the Coach brought forth the pain with a capital P.  Sundays are designated “Brick Day”, meaning a long ride immediately followed by a long run so, really, we’re talking about 4-5 hours plus spend in continued perpetual motion.  Ho-lee shit.  If I want a break from these long bricks I can alter my schedule slightly to do a shorter, faster Interval brick offered through my TryForce (see link on left of screen) training group and then just use Sunday for a long ride and coffee with the gang instead.  However, I have it in mind now that I want to get comfortable at these distances and exertion level so I anticipate trying to stick to the prescribed Sunday brick schedule as often as possible.

  1. Carolyn H. says:

    Ho-lee shit is right. But you got this. I thought your Half-marathon was smokin’ so if you can perform that well at your 70.3, you’ll do great.

    What is this yoga garden all about?

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