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Posted: May 8, 2011 in Equipment
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My new Road ID (click for website homepage) arrived the other day!

Now that I’m beginning to spend more time at greater distances on my long bikes and runs I am feeling the need to have something with me in case of “trouble”.  It has been said after all that there are only only the two types of cyclists, “those that have wiped out and those who will”.  Not good odds, right?  So given that I don’t own or carry a cell phone, I decided that I should at least being taking some sort of precautionary measure, you know, just in case.  So with that in mind I registered with and ordered myself a fancy Road ID bracelet to wear while working out.

Fashionable, yet functional...

For the low cost of $19.99 (CAN) how can I go wrong?  This athletic ID bracelet contains my primary personal info, immediate medical history (of which I have none) as well as the necessary information in case of emergency.  Of course, you can add your own personal words of encouragement or inspirational quote or what have you but, basically, all the handy information to have in the event of a serious ‘Oh shit!’ moment out on the road is there.  My worst fear has been (and still is) having something traumatic happen to me while out in the middle of nowhere.  This doesn’t necessarily deter me any on my workouts, but it is there in the back of my head as safety is always an important consideration in triathlon training.  How much would it suck to be injured and/or stranded miles away from home with nobody around for aid or assistance?  Yeah….no thanks!

Forget your words of encouragement, tell me what I really want to know!

For this purpose alone, I would like to strongly encourage all my cycling, running and swimming friends to seriously consider doing the same and investing in your own personal safety this season so you can spend all your mental effort focusing on the business at hand – your workouts and kicking ass – and not worrying about those potential ‘what if’s’ in life.

P.S.> No crank calls at 3:30am please.

  1. Jan says:

    Excellent idea Terry! “Am I still beautiful?”……I love you, you silly. I can think of many other uses for this outside Triathlong too. Thanks for spreading the word.

    • mom says:

      Absolutely the best idea—-ID. ps

      Looking for a used ladies bike on computer is like looking for a needle in a haystack,( or maybe I have zero patience )

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