Yoga Music Pick #3

Posted: May 22, 2011 in Yoga

So Judgment Day came and went with about as much emphasis as a sparrow fart and, thus, I was also doomed to embark on my scheduled long brick workout this morning (thanks God!).  Despite the distance and resulting ache it was a good day.  It was my first group long ride (click to see stats) of the season with my TryForce buddies and we managed 92.72k in 3:04:51 averaging at a speed of 30.1 km/h.  Not bad for the first group outing of the year.  Immediately afterwards I also subjected myself to a long run (click to see stats) of 17.76k in 1:35:00 averaging at a moving pace of 5:20 min/km.  So upon finishing it was all I could think about except shower and some slow, dragged out, relaxing yoga.  That’s right, I’m going to shavasana the shit out of this motherfucker (sorry mom) – that’s guaranteed!

I was way too tired and brain dead to actually choose anything too artsy or interesting and instead just opted to go with a regular favorite of mine for today’s session; Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks’ – the “Old Faithful” of classic rock albums.  And a better choice I could not have made today.

My musical Bible, the very same August 1995 edition of Mojo magazine that I referenced back when I first started this Yoga Music Picks, ranks this album as the second Greatest Album of all time behind only the Beach Boy’s ‘Pet Sounds’ (#1) and just ahead of the Beatles infamous ‘Revolver’ (#3); so that’s some weighty competition to be sure (this is no ‘Brown-Eyed Girl’ shit)!  And what a deserving album this album is too.

Hailed as a psychedelic masterpiece, I hazard to use them term lightly as I feel it draws on more a marriage of avant-guard marriage of rock, jazz, gospel, blues and folk music. Whatever you want to call it, despite drawing from some rather gloomy imagery and story themes just try and remain unhappy while listening to this album – it’s literally impossible.  And after 4 hours and 39 minutes of non-stop perpetual motion covering a total distance of 110.48k, burning a total 6407 calories, not to mention the two aching nipples, I definitely needed a little happy time.

What this album is really about is an entire set of verbal tics which are there for reason enough to go a long way toward defining Van’s style. They’re all over Astral Weeks: four rushed repeats of the phrases “you breathe in, you breath out”  and “you turn around” in ‘Beside You’; in ‘Cyprus Avenue’, twelve “way up on’s”, the word “baby”  sung out thirteen times in a row sounding like someone running ecstatically downhill toward one’s love, and the heartbreaking way he stretches “one by one” in the third verse; most of all in ‘Madame George’ where he sings the word “dry”  and then “your eye”  twenty times in a twirling melodic arc so beautiful it steals your own breath, and then this occurs: “And the love that loves the love that loves the love that loves the love that loves to love the love that loves to love the love that loves.”

And if that doesn’t just scream ‘yoga’ I’ll eat my shorts.

  1. Richard says:

    I was really hoping that someone else would think Astral Weeks was appropriate yoga music. I think Madame George would be the perfect shavasana song.

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