Travel Plan

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Lifestyle, Training

One the common issues that I experience while training occurs when the need arises for me to travel for work, which happens from time to time, as nothing will rerail a strict training regiment quicker than an unwelcome business trip.  Suddenly your daily routine is thrown up in the air and subject to early morning flights, airline delays and layovers, not to mention office meetings that spill over into the late night, it never ends.  It’s much harder to complete your scheduled long runs when you’re also negotiating business strategies and implementing performance Action Plans and all that other Corporate bullshit, but I’m determined to make a go of it anyway.

Early tomorrow morning, 4:00am to be exact, I am being picked up and whisked to the Buffalo International Airport to board a flight for Lafayette, Lousiana where I will be staying all next week before  returning again on Friday morning; I’m trying hard to be excited.  Nothing against Louisiana, of course, it’s just that I am not always an ‘Ambassador of Change’ during training season.

The good news is, that I will have a few opportunities to run this week in an entirely different location and I am looking forward to plugging into some catchy Zydeco music (hey, when in Rome…) on my iPod and getting out to explore the region a little bit.  The other good news is that I am finally going to get me some much-needed heat conditioning as the forecast in Lafayette has been consistently in the 90’s with a humidity index that literally melts off the chart.  It’s also looking like there is the significant chance of vicious thunderstorms throughout the week as well…Goodie.

All in all, I have three workouts to accomplish in the three days that I am there including two runs (one long, one medium length) and a yoga-slash-weights strength-building session.  So in order to accomplish this, I’m going prepared and with a plan.

Tuesday:  Depart: Buffalo, NY (6:40am) – Arrive: Lafayette, LA (12:45pm)

Tempo Run (90 minutes)

The goal on this day after spending the first half of the day between connecting flights and line ups at the airport car rental agency, and maybe a surprise visit to the office, is to also get my tempo run in at some point.  Ideally, I’d like to find somewhere special or scenic in which to run where I also won’t have to worry about being eaten by alligators or having my oral hygiene scrutinized by any scary Deliverance-types.  After reviewing some online Louisiana trail guides and various travel run sites I have decided to take a chance on a stretch along the Bayou Queue de Tortue which looks somewhat interesting.  The route looks relatively easy to follow along Garber Rd. and Bayou Tortue Rd. and, hopefully, will provide some opportunities for random detours out into the bayou itself to experience some of the local habitat.

Later, I will head back to the hotel to shower and change before driving myself to the Infamous Prejeans restaurant for a post-workout celebratory meal of award-winning Cajun cuisine.  I’m already drooling over the Fried Alligator entre.


Yoga/Weights (60 minutes)

This I’m really looking forward to.  I have an entire special playlist already in my iPod with which to enjoy during a nice, leisurely yoga workout somewhere scenic.  I have investigated the local parks and whatnot in the Lafayette area, but I will inevitably just ask at the local travel bureau, or maybe the hotel concierge, and get a suggestion for somewhere nifty and nearby to enjoy some quiet inflection for about an hour or so.  Afterwards, I’ll dine at Randols for another authentic Creole dinner treat, specifically, the Crawfish Enchilada.  Hey, all work and no play, right?


Easy Run (60 minutes)

This will more than likely need to be an early morning workout as I would like to keep my evening open after work for any last minute souvenir shopping, errands, or office socializing…not to mention that I’m up again in the morning to return to the airport at 4:30am.   I will more than likely just venture out from the Drury Hotel and just trundle around the neighborhood exploring at an easy pace.  Nothing special about this workout other than another chance to expose myself to the merciless heat and humidity.  Later – dinner at the Blue Dog Café for some Sherwood Forest Brie Bisque (with lump crabmeat) andsome low-carb Honey-glazed Duck.

Friday:  Depart: Lafayette, LA (6:00am) – Arrive: Buffalo, NY (1:00pm)

Tempo Bike (90 minutes)

Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig.  I’ll be home early in the afternoon with lots of time to squeeze in a tempo ride, and maybe even a swim at the pool if I’m lucky to escape the airport in decent time.

  1. mom says:

    Travel safe boy!

  2. Jan says:

    Hey Terry! Wait for me. I want to train with you. Well at least the “Sherwood Forest Brie Bisque (with lump crabmeat) and some low-carb Honey-glazed Duck” part!!!!

  3. Jeff C says:

    Your a brave man Terry! Not many people would hazard a completely unknown trail ominously named ‘Queue the Torture” on a work trip. I may be paraphrasing a little but it’s pretty darn close….good luck!

  4. Considering that I almost got struck by lightning while out running that route (a vicious storm blew in, in about 10 minutes while I already out), coming to within 200-300m – this translation, literal or not, is appropriate enough for me. Story to come…

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