The 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Yoga

Blessed are those who are flexible, for they shall never be bent out of shape.


I bit the bullet this morning and enrolled for a month’s membership at Yoga by Sarah,  except, in an attempt to feel more, well, manly and buff about it, I’m going to instead refer to as ‘Fox Base Yoga’.  That way, when the quiet chants of OM and meditative shavasana  sessions get either a little too long or, perhaps, too boring, I can just loose myself in imagining Lee Marvin kicking open the studio door and proceeding to fend off an attack of zombie alien Nazi ninjas or something, whatever, and when I picture him doing it you can bet your sweet bippy he’s not wearing fancy compression wear either.

I figure, hey, what do I have to loose?  Sure it’s chock full of those hippie-dippie “yoga types” and I’m not likely to see many other dudes there, but I really dig the core strengthening that yoga provides, as well as all the flexibility, stability and balance conditioning of course; shit, I’m sold on the whole static muscle conditioning already.  As such, I really want to keep up with this practice as well as make a commitment to doing it more often and, of course, better.  Besides, with 30% off your first time monthly membership fee, well, that’s a habit I can currently afford.

The goal right now is to hit up ‘Fox Base Alpha’  at least 3-4 times a week for the next 30 days – my very own ‘Thirty Day Yoga Challenge‘.  I’m interested in participating in a few slower Hatha classes for some dedicated restorative sessions and, of course, more time in the sweat box for more hot yoga classes.  I am hoping taking a few more instructor led classes will help my own practice at home on the back patio in the yoga garden after my long workouts, as well as helping me get a leg up (literally) on the old ladies at the YMCA come the end of my season (October) and I resume my indoor training again.

Another bonus I discovered today, is that I’ve finally found the perfect top to wear during those hot yoga classes.  Before, given my seemingly inextinguishable sweat rate, I was struggling to find something that wicked away the sweat so that it didn’t collect and then decanter directly into my face each time I enter into the downward dog  pose.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but the TryForce tri top I wear when I race does magnificently so I don’t have to worry now about dropping a second mortgage at Lululemon.

And that’s total Winning.

  1. Lisa says:

    Good luck! I have tried unlimited yoga, yoga retreats, hot yoga,…, still have never touched my toes or felt relaxed in downward dog. Looking forward to hearing how you do.

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