Pimp Your Stroke

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Swim
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No, this was NOT my alias back in my ‘ol alma mater days.  Likewise there is no EckoRocawearSean JohnKangolBaby Phat,  or any other ridiculous sounding fashion wear involved.  Nope, not even a single fuzzy pimp hat.

What the hell am I on about you ask?  Well, I found a very helpful website the other day called ‘Swim Smooth‘  (click link for website).  This fabulous innovative site is broken into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories and focuses on perfecting an effective swim technique and form in the water.  What this website offers that others do not is a virtual swimmer (aptly named “Mr. Smooth“) that demonstrates the said form for visual learners like myself.  Winning.

Whether you’re just a hobby swimmer, training for a triathlon or some other long distance event (this includes using wet suits, Carolyn) , etc, or just a dog-paddler looking for improvement, Swim Smooth has a lot of great coaching opportunities to access and share in order to assist with your own personal development.  Swim Smooth  also offers suggestions and recommendations (including lots of video aids) based on your own personal  ‘Swim Style‘ depending on your experience and body type.  How cool is that?  For example, I am your classic ‘Swinger‘.  Oh yeah, baby.  Dig it.

For anyone that feels they may need some pointers or tips but either can’t afford a proper live swim coach or has access to a Masters Swim club in their area, should definitely take a peek at this website and take advantage of the tools found there to gain the confidence in whatever it is that you are finding challenging in the pool (or open water).

Good luck and happy stroking, swim pimp.


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