Cancun 70.3 (Prelude)

Posted: September 15, 2011 in In Transition, Races
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At times, it seemed like it was never going to get here and, lately, with the way things have been going on the ‘ol home front this month, part of me feared it never would but, at last, I’m almost Mexico bound!

Roughly, right…about…HERE!

I guess the good news is that with all the ongoing drama in my life currently, I haven’t really had a chance to stress about it much so I’m still pretty cool, calm and collective about the whole race thing so far.  Besides, after reviewing today’s horoscope, how can I go wrong?

Hey, I could use all the good vibes I can get!

Now, I’m sure the butterflies will kick in eventually and I will have another one of those restless, fitful nights the evening before the race as I always do but, as of this moment, I’m just trying to focus on enjoying the last stages of packing (and re-packing) as well as taking care of all those little last minute details.  You know; the “fun” stuff.  But before anything else, I decided to kickstart the whole Cancun adventure with a killer steak & egg breakfast fit for a champion…heavy on the baked beans, of course.   I need to build up a tolerance after all.

Breakfast of champions; or ‘wannbe’ champions anyways.

Next, I picked up the plane tickets.  Very important step indeed!

Okay, flights confirmed!

I had researched all the fun stuff to do in Cancun as well as the greater Yucatan Peninsula before, but I have largely left this to my designated ‘Activity Coordinator’, or my mom, so I can focus on the task at hand: kicking ass.  Prior to this particular trip, though, the only things I knew about Mexican culture in general is what I learned from Speedy Gonzalez cartoons and Cheech & Chong movies.  But now we have plans to visit the local markets, hunt out certain local delicacies like corn tortillas, burritos and chimichanga’s, check out some place with lots of hungry iguanas, as well as visiting a few of the Mayan ruins; specifically those at Tulum and Coba.  Personally, I am also looking forward to doing a little seaside yoga when the opportunity provides itself on a remote(ish) beach somewhere.  And, yes, I am already aware of all the recent crime waves, corruption and mass beheadings going on all over Mexico at the hands of the local drug cartels, but I bought my mom a ‘Hugs Not Drugs!’ t-shirt, so I think we’ll be just fine on that front.  Of course, this is all providing I survive Sunday’s race first that is.  So maybe I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here…

My “Activities Coordinater” at work.

This afternoon’s task (between work calls that is) was to get Lucille nicely packed away safe and sound in her bike box and, thanks to my father, not to mention a quick emergency trip to Rapid City Cycle to loosen off one of the stubborn pedals, this was accomplished pretty smoothly.  Included in the bike box are all my water bottles, tools, tire pump and race day nutrition.  I only have to remember to pick up a few air cartridges at the Athlete Expo on Saturday in order to be 100% race ready.

Lucille is packed and ready to go!

So it’s one last tempo run this evening, a last hot yoga class tomorrow morning followed by a shave and haircut, some final packing, maybe a last panic attack (or two) about what I might have forgotten, and I will be heading out the door – passport in hand – to the Buffalo Airport at the ripe ‘ol hour of 4:00am on Friday, September 16th.

I have reviewed my official ‘Athlete’s Race Packet’ a thousand times (Man!  I’ll never get tired of being referred to as an ‘Athlete’) and I’ve even checked the Cancun 70.3 website one last time just to validate that I’m really signed up and, yep, there I am: ‘Número de Competidor’  #107.  Doesn’t that just sound so fancy!

Yup, I’m there…

Okay, that made the butterflies definitely a little more noticeable.

If anyone is interested to follow my progress (and I hope you do), they can do so by following the live stream via the website (click link to access)  and entering my bib # (107) in order to view my swim, bike and run split times as they occur in real time.  The race is scheduled to start promptly at 7:00am local Mexican time (that’s 8:00am EST) and I am in the fifth wave to go at precisely 7:10am (or 8:10am EST).  For the record (and in case any of you actually want to try and catch a glimpse of me), my ideal split times will be as follows:

  • Swim: 30-35 minutes (approx. 8:42 – 8:45am EST)
  • Bike: 2 hours, 30-45 minutes (approx. 11:15 – 11:45am EST)
  • Run: 1 hour, 45 – 50 minutes (approx. 1:00 – 1:05pm EST)

I will be sure to smile (or grimace, depending on the circumstances) for the camera as I come out of the water, again when I get off the bike and enter into T2 and, lastly, at the finish line…hopefully, triumphant and elated, around the 5 hour (or so) mark.  That’s if it all goes according to plan, of course.

So this then will be my last blog post for a week or so, or at least until I can accurately collect my thoughts enough to give you the big post-race review.  Until then, wish me luck, and as they say in ‘Meh-hico’: “El miedo no anda en burro”, or ‘fear does not travel by donkey’ (meaning, ‘fear does not travel slowly’).

No shit!  In this case, it travels by Cervelo…at 38 k/ph.

  1. Jen says:

    Good luck Terry!!! I’m so excited for you. 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    Terry– you will kick ass!! I have no doubt that you will do nothing less than leaving it all on the course…you have spent so much time preparing now it’s time to let ‘er rip! Good luck!

  3. darzy says:

    yeeehhhawwwwww go get em Terry!!!!!!!

  4. Carolyn says:

    And as they say in Thailand Chok Dee na ka. You are an athlete! So proud of all you e accomplished. Swift travels and a happy and heathy race to you. Go kick some ass.

  5. Jeff C says:

    Rock’em, sock’em cowboy! I’ll be watching!! God speed!!!

    (and that was a mighty fine looking breakfast btw!)

  6. Jan says:

    Wow! What a write up Terry? Now I’m about as excited as you are. So neat that we can see the view of you in real time. I plan on making sure i see that. Glad you have your Mom with you for support. She must be soooo proud of you. I know that you will give it your best ever. You have trained so hard!. It’s just incredible that just a couple of short years ago you were just beginning and now you are going to an international Ironman. Have the best time of your life Terry!
    Can’t wait for your next post!!

  7. Robin says:

    Good luck, Terry! Kick ass, my friend!

  8. john Hoadley says:

    Good luck Terry. Cathy and i will be cheering you on from here. Get them all laughing and then blow em off the course. You’ll win no doubt here.

    • chuck t says:

      Enjoy the whole experience!!! Everyone will get butterflies for a race like this at some point, but you are well prepared. You’ve done it all before…. so no worries!!! .Have a great time!

  9. Kate says:

    Good luck Terry!!!! I’m so excited for you and to hear how it went! 🙂

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