New Challenge: Ironman Wales

Posted: September 30, 2011 in In Transition
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Okay, folks.  After only a mere two weeks off my recent Cancun 70.3 adventure, I am already getting focused and amped up for next year’s ultimate challenge and the culmination of this particular blog:  Ironman Wales.

Here is the official event trailer:


Looks awesome, right?  Now for the really scary news…

By some accounts, Ironman Wales is being hailed as the new toughest course on the Ironman circuit.  Gulp!   I had originally chosen this event as it promised to provide a very scenic bike course along the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, but as one professional triathlete put it, “The bloke who designed this course is either incredibly fit or has never raced an Ironman.”   By another account: “I will not do Wales again, not because I don’t think it would disappoint but because it was so feckin hard…”

Three words:  Ho-lee-shit.

When you’re planning for an Ironman, basically the last thing you want to read in the race reviews from the previous year is that the swim conditions were more like the ideal forecast for professional surfers, not triathletes (in fact, on race day the surf rose to 11’ swells).  Not to mention the 40+ mph winds, endless hills on the bike course, and the ever-constant threat of driving rain.  Welcome to Wales, I guess.

To add another word:  Ho-lee-FRIGGIN-shit!

I must be some sort of glutton for punishment; a real sado-masochist sporting-wise.  Either that or I was totally born with the ‘stupid’ gene or something.  First, it’s dealing with the 94-degree heat and 100% humidity of the Yucatan peninsula and now it’s going to be the exact opposite side of the coin: cold and wet.  Why can’t I ever seem to find that happy medium somewhere in between?

But I’ve learned that I thrive on adversity and I have used this fear before to motivate me to train hard and efficiently and I don’t expect this experience will be any different and I plan on building to the same level of confidence that I did this year (mishaps aside).  In short, I’m going to train like I’ve never trained before.  I’m going to swim, cycle and run my ass off like a man possessed which, in fact, might just be the case.

Come this Sunday morning when the official registration for the event opens, I will be hovering over the keyboard anxiously with my Credit Card in hand ready to fork out the necessary moolah in order to kick start this whole crazy adventure into overdrive.  Stick around folks, as it’s going to be another exciting and painful year.

So, just for shits n’ giggles here’s a l’il taste of what lies ahead:


Wish me luck!  Bring it on!

  1. chuck t says:

    Is it draft-legal?!? In the promo video people are on drafting!

  2. mom says:

    Holy Moly Bat Boy!!!!

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