New Fitness Goals for 2012

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Lifestyle

So, I’ve been experiencing this problem over the last few weeks since the Cancun 70.3 in that I’ve been finding it hard to get back into anything resembling a training schedule.  I realize that I’m entitled to take a wee break before kicking it back into overdrive for full Ironman training but, nothing, really?  God, I feel like such a sloth.  Hell, there are probably sloths in a tree top somewhere shaking their heads at me in disgust.

I mean, seriously, I’ve attended a few yoga classes, lifted a few weights, rowed on an ergometer a few times and cycled exactly twice.  Big-freakin-whoop! I haven’t run or swam one iota in nearly three weeks and I’m beginning to feel extremely guilty about it.  In fact, the only activity I’ve really accomplished successfully has been on the BBQ:  burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and whatever other fleshy delicious grillable that happens to catch my eye at the Superstore.  Oh, and lets not forget running to the store to replenish my stores of cold beer.  I know it can’t last but, geez, let’s get on with it already!

In an effort then to get myself reestablished and off the burgers, per se, I’m going to take this opportunity to revisit the Fitness Goals I set for myself this year and recalibrate them for the upcoming 2012 year.  Maybe that will light some fires under this lazy ass of mine.

1)  Drop weight, fat boy!

Even though my current diet would not support it, I was very successful in this endeavor this past year dropping from 205lbs to the 180lb mark.  In fact, I raced in Cancun three short weeks ago at 177lbs, so I actually surpassed my goal there.  However, after my total binge on burgers and ice cream lately I’m now back up to 185lbs and, that, I still don’t want to be carrying around with me come Ironman Wales.

So my new weight goal now for September 2012 is to get down to 160-165lbs and that’s going to pose no easy feat! The good news is that I have a friend who is currently on what’s known locally as the 8 Week Challenge’,  so I’m hoping to use her as a source of inspiration for the next 52 days and get myself back into a regular healthy diet routine leading into the winter months and all those long, lonely, painful training runs.

2)  Sub two-hour half marathon.

Mission accomplished here as well.  I ran the Grimsby Half Marathon in a personal best time of 1:47:05.  I nearly did it again at the Welland Half Iron Triathlon in 1:48:59  on tired and weary legs.

This year, I want to crack that 1:45:00  benchmark at both a stand alone half marathon as well as during the next Welland Half Iron event in June.  Of course, there is the 2:39:04 time to beat at the next Around the Bay as well.  Losing additional weight will be absolutely paramount in order for this to happen successfully.  Likewise, I want to spend some time on perfecting my running form just as I did this year with my swimming and cycling.  I will need to learn how to run with a higher cadence in order to run easier and more efficiently; and anything that makes running ‘easier’ and ‘more efficient’ is simply aces in my books.  So there is going to be a noticeable learning curve in the coming months while get accustomed to this new style of running.

3)  Complete a Half Ironman in 5 hours, 30 minutes.

Success!  Not only did I accomplish this goal after the previous years train wreck of 5:56:47  performance at the Musselman Half Iron Triathlon in Geneva, NY, but I blew it clear out of the water in Welland with a finishing time of 5:02:25, surpassing even my loftiest expectations.  This is was a total sign that my training strategy and regiment is going well and can only eve get better, therefore, I am resetting this goal for next years event at breaking that challenging 5 hour mark.

4)  Sub 30 minute 2k swim.

Okay, not so successful here.  My best effort came in at 34:47  during the Welland Half Iron Triathlon.  I also managed a 35:02  in Cancun but I also had the new experience of swimming in surf to contend with as well but, over all, not a bad time either.

Although I am very confident in my swimming, what I failed to do last year was improve my kicking skills.  I am still very much a upper body swimmer in this regard, relying on my strong shoulders and upper back to drive me through the water.  Where I once believed (as have other noobie triathletes I’m sure) you left your legs loose while swimming in order to save energy for both the bike and run legs later on, I understand now that this is complete and total horseshit and I’d like to remedy that immediately.  So come time to get back in the pool, I want to begin working on lots and lots and lots of kicking drills.  Geez, I think I just cramped up thinking about it.

5)  Sub 2 hour, 30 minute 90k bike. 

Also a failure this year, but I did come damn close!  My best effort resulted in a 2:33:38  in Welland, so I am not far off the mark at all and I am confident that this goal is doable and might even happen rather naturally providing I am successful with losing weight and strengthening my legs in the pool as a result of all that kicking.  I will also plan on spending time specifically on developing my overall leg strength with weights, yoga, etc., to boot.

6)  Be able to keep ahead of, or push my teammates a little harder. 

This will always remain as one of my goals no matter what the season or event.  I did manage to achieve two medal-worthy performances this year at the Olympic distance, finishing in third place in my age category (M35-39) at both the Woodstock Triathlon and the Goderich Triathlon.  In doing so, I was able to finally place ahead of a few of my teammates whom I had been lagging behind in the previous year.

This year, I’d like to give it my best shot at finishing second at either of these races since both will no doubt be part of training calendar again this year.  Likewise, I’d like to do my best at either catching, or staying ahead of one particular teammate during the Welland Half Iron event, who caught and beat me out in the final kilometers of the half marathon to finish with an excellent 4:59:38  finishing time.  You know who you are, and know that I’m working hard this year for a different story come those final few kilometers next year.

7)  Complete a full Ironman event in 11 hours.

Considering my commitment and A-race this year, there is one more fitness goal to add to this year’s list: completing the full event in 11 hours.  I figure this is a realistic goal given the circumstances, the overall difficulty factor of Ironman Wales, and that this will be my first effort at this distance.  It’s a long way still to go and it’s going to take LOTS  of hard work and effort (not to mention pain and suffering) on my part this year to make this possible, but I’m bound and determined to make it happen.  Fear is a wonderful motivator.

I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by so many positive influences in my life from my Coach, to my yoga instructors, my dedicated massage therapist, to my various friends and family who show up to cheer me along the way.  Of course, there are also all you dear readers who continually visit this site and offer up your own words of encouragement and support.  It really does mean a lot to me and I really have no excuses to fail and even if I did, they (you) would still be there to pick me up, dust me off and encourage me to get back out there and continue giving it my best.  With a team like that behind you, how can I ever really fail?

Here goes nothing…

  1. Jan says:

    First of all ..get rid of that “Here goes nothing” commen! TERRY! Do you remember when you started your commitment to this? It was like “YESTERDAY” Terry. And look how far you’ve come in just this very short time. I’m in awe of your accomplishments. Note that you have surpassed almost all your goals, the ones you haven’t are extremely close on….and you are in fantabulous shape! Your tenacity alone is incredible.180 lbs and heading for 160-165? You’ll do it.
    I am thrilled to be part of your team of encouragers. Don’t forget though that you encourage us to succeed in each of our own situations simply by reading or watching as you acomplish what YOU want to. Call it “Fear” or whatever you want but you set your mind to something, we all know that you WILL accomplish it. You spur us on in each of our own lives….so much so Terry that I know that if I could just run again, I would set my goal to BEAT YOU!
    So now that you have had a mini well deserved rest, get back on the track my freind. Revel in your successes, all of them. Keep on being our hero Terry! You are an inspiration to us all! Sincerely,

    • Jeff C says:

      I think Jan said it all for us Terry. The way you have expressed your journey through these posts is inspiring to all of us. Sometimes I find myself thinking about you and what you’re doing without realizing it and somehow it makes me work towards my own goals that much harder.

      I do have one question though, do you really think 160 is the right weight for you? Methinks you’ll be nothing but skin and bones man! For the sake of your health (and probably a little bit of your sanity too), I suggest you shoot for 170 as the low end for now and once you reach that take stock of how you’re feeling and reset from there if necessary. Just my 2 cents…all the best to you in reaching your 2012 goals!


      • Good point, Jeff and, yes, I have considered that myself. However, I do not diet for the sake of just loosing weight and I NEVER starve myself in the process. 165lbs might be a bit over-zealous, I realize, but I am constantly taking stock of how I feel and perform throughout the loss. I still have some belly fat so if I can loose that, it would constitute much of that weight alone. But I also have to take into account muscle development, etc., so if 170lbs ends up being the right “racing weight”, I will be content with that as well.

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