Just When I Thought it was Safe to go Back into the Water

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Swim
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Today’s was the official “back to business” day as far as my swim training was concerned as this morning earmarked the first off-season Masters Swim class with my TryForce group, not to mention my first swim in nearly a month.  Yeah, you read that right…I literally haven’t swam a stroke in nearly 4 weeks; since the Cancun 70.3 to be exact (September 18th).  Hell, it’s been a chore just to shower each morning and don’t even get me started about the running.  But I digress…

Morning couldn’t have come late enough in my books but there I was, standing in the dark of early dawn, banana in hand and a bedhead that might have made me look like my head was unraveling, outside the YMCA front door at 6:15 am sharp with about another dozen gluttons for punishment.

Someone remind me why we do this again?

Anyhow, knowing that improving my swim technique will be a key component in achieving my Fitness Goals this year, I wanted to get off to a good start and today was the beginning of that process…well, the getting wet part anyway.  But where I didn’t get to kick too much, I did get an excellent chance to reacquaint myself with the fundamental stroke technique that I might have slacked off on a bit during all those endless laps throughout this past season of training and racing.  You should read that:  boy, it sucked…but in a good way.  It wasn’t terrible, of course, but it did reaffirm in my mind that I have lots of drills to do again in the coming months if I’m going to be successful with that sub-30 minute 2k pace.  Oh goodie.

So for the purpose of being thorough as well as reminding myself about the task at hand, here is an excellent video regarding what it is that I am aiming to perfect this year.  I feel I’m off to a good start already, but practice certainly makes perfect and as Coach Bill always says: “it takes 3000 strokes to build a new habit in the pool”.  So you might as well consider today as my first few strokes towards realizing that goal.


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