The Odd Couple

Posted: November 9, 2011 in In Transition
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Not everything in my life revolves around swimming, biking and running.  And, no, I don’t mean yoga or plyometrics either…or eating for that matter.  I actually do have some down time periodically; except that after Miso’s passing back in August, that downtime has been rather daunted.  So last month I did something to drastically improve that situation.

After long days of training and racing, who doesn’t like to come home to a little attention and affection, right?  Except sitting by yourself in a big empty house just isn’t very relaxing or enjoyable as it turns out, particularly given the bad ju-ju that’s currently established itself here in this home lately – but that’s another story.  So a little over a month ago, I decided to remedy this loneliness and ongoing unsettled feeling by adopting two new members onto my Team Tigerrabbit: Tina and Oscar.

Tina claims her first bed…a Saucony shoe box.

Tina and Oscar (brother and sister) haven’t exactly had it easy in their own lives so far.  After nearly five years of floating around between strange families, their last owner decided to simply up and abandon them for good by ditching them in a back ally dumpster behind the apartment building where they lived.  I know…who does that?!  Fortunately, fate intervened a few days later when a kind and alert neighbor managed to spot them hiding in the bottom underneath bags of trash the day before Garbage Day.  Who knows what might have happened otherwise.  This neighbor, recognizing them as the pets of the previous owner who had since left three days prior, cared enough to rescue them and bring them to my vet to recuperate and recover.  There they stayed for the next little while in a little examining room waiting for adoption.

Oscar, of course, had to have the same thing…except his was Mizuno.

I heard about them shortly thereafter, after bumping into Tracy, the vet’s assistant, at the public library one day just prior to leaving for my Cancun adventure and was obviously disturbed at hearing about their situation.  I’m a sucker for a hard-luck story, what can I say?  After all, anyone (or anything) that can endure that kind of treatment deserves a chance at the good life in my books.  So it sounded like an ideal match-up in my mind.

Not much escapes Tina’s attention.

Tina and Oscar moved in with me a little over a month and a half ago and we’ve been feeling one another out ever since.  They both harbor severe abandonment issues that has manifested into their being mistrustful of me at first, as well as being extremely skittish should I ever move about too quickly; and who could blame them?  Both would scamper away when I entered the room like they were about to receive a violent licking for something.  But they’re now starting to get past all that and we’re beginning to settle into a nice daily routine together as they are now beginning to trust me more.  In essence, they are starting to adopt me which is very exciting.

Definitely up to something…

Tina is definitely the Alpha-kitty as it’s either her way or the highway, not that Oscar doesn’t try to get his way periodically, mind you; as boys will be boys after all.  Oscar is the curious kind who is into (and out of) just about everything; he’s like the Houdini of cats.  Both still have their odd quirks and are very independent, of course, as years of neglect have no doubt conditioned them to be.  For example, they don’t know their own names yet, the sound of food being dropped into a bowl, or the sound of a tuna can being opened, etc.  How atypical is that?  But they are learning now to trust me more and look forward to my attention just as Miso used to do, as well as having both their regular breakfast and dinner – not to mention a mid-day salmon treat – and both are beginning to give me those early morning wake-up reminders.  They have now each claimed their hourly lounging places around the apartment and sometimes curl up together to enjoy the sun coming through the front window.  Often, they play ‘chase’ with one another around the apartment so I know they will be good company for one another once the heavy mileage begins come January.

Enjoying the afternoon sun together.

Tina now enjoys her cuddle time on the couch and spends the days watching me like a hawk, wherever I happen to be, from any number of her preferred vantage points.   Oscar, well, let’s just say he’s become my very vocal sidekick in the kitchen constantly expressing his approval, or disapproval depending on what he feels he’s entitled to.  Overall, both are now doing very well and are genuinely excited when I get home and are always present to greet me when I open the door.  I truly realize now how important that sense of being “needed” and “missed” is after those long, lonesome runs and bike rides.   So once again, I have something to come home to that genuinely looks forward to my being there; I figure it’s the perfect arrangement heading into those long winter training months.  And a happy triathlete is a productive and capable triathlete.


Life is good once again.  Winning!

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is an awesome post. Animals are amazing companions. Mine is protecting me right now from barking dogs outside the back door.

  2. Jan says:

    I’m SO glad you rescued those beautiful cats Terry. The pics are great and it warms my heart to see that they are settling in so nicely. Kudos to you Terry!

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