What Santa Brings Good Triathletes

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Equipment, In Transition, Motivation
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Once my quads decided to cooperate and move freely again, I slipped into a rather busy, but thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Season, one from which I feel very blessed indeed.  Good family, good friends, and platefuls and platefuls of fine home cooked fare and specially baked holiday treats.  Shit, I think I might have eaten my weight in ‘Magic Bars’ alone and Lords knows, just as true as I sit here typing with a mouthful of chocolate ‘candy cane bark’, that there is bound to be a, shall we say, ‘reckoning’ of sorts later on in the bathroom.  Feel me?

Anyhoo, similar to last year, Santa was very generous with the gift cards again this holiday and, hence, there is some kick ass triathlon swag for your admiration but, also, there is some pretty awesome non-triathlon swag as well, which will be equally  enjoyed.   Apparently, I was a VERY GOOD boy this year.  So without further ado, I bring you this year’s mighty Christmas haul (not that I’m at all materialistic in any way mind you), largely courtesy of Runners Edge and their annual holy ‘50% Boxing Day Discount Sale’.  Ho. Ho.  Ho.

Flashy or what?

Since it really hasn’t snowed yet, nor dropped to any of the expected sub-zero temperatures yet, I have found with a particularly sticky wicket.  When I go out running, I am either too hot with my normal winter running jacket, or just too plain chilly without it and just my winter base layer tech shirt.  So what’s a poor triathlete to do you ask?  Why, take advantage of a half priced ‘Men’s Supernova adiViz Jacket’, am I right?  Sure, last year is was about the Women’s Compression Socks, but this year it’s all about the ‘Man’, namely a MEDIUM-sized man.  Oh yeah.  This baby, using the most visible color in the electromagnetic spectrum, electricity, this jacket is made for night time running.  I’m all about the loud colors and standing out to drivers while running, so many other great safety features to this jacket include innovative Luminescent piping that when sitting under lights, charges and will last for 2 hours once outside.  Too boot, the mirrored reflectivity reflects light – particularly those emanating from Dodge Caravans– from all directions.  The adiViz also cuts the wind pretty smoothly, is rain resistant and, most importantly, not going to have me sweating like the pig who knows he’s dinner just 3k into my long run.  Snow will come soon enough, of course, but this loud little beauty will get me to that point and then again later in the milder spring temperatures come March and April.


And when Old Man Winter does decide to rear his ugly frost-bitten face, I’ll have these ‘Saucony Run Mittens’ for protection.  I know, pretty bad ass mitty’s, eh?  The label information says that ‘their special Soniclite exterior keeps out the rai–’…wait, ‘Sonclite?  What the hell is that?  Meh.  Who cares?  As long as they’re warm and toasty, unlike my current gloves so that whenever I remove them I don’t immediately recognize my own fingers over a box of frozen Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages; they can get that cold.  These new Saucony mittens also have some reflective safety qualities but, mostly is about avoiding frost bite as my fingers suffer from being separated by a mere thin layer of some crap-ass factory produced polyester blend.  Now I don’t know what Soniclite is exactly, and it’s doesn’t necessarily sound ‘organic’ either, but if it keeps my fingers together and circulating it’s bound to be infinitely warmer than the shitty ones I wear now.  Amen.

Fuel to run…for hours…

And of course putting in all those long hours outdoors in the cold wind and snow is going to take some special kind of energy, like the kind of energy you find in two MASSIVE ‘Reeses Peanut Butter Cups’.  That’s right, you heard me right…m-a-s-s-i-v-e.  Don’t be surprised either if I post a picture of me out running while nibbling on one of these enormous biscuit sized peanut butter cups.  Sure beats sucking on those nasty-ass leftover GU gels any day.

“Go UP!, young man..”

Considering much of my time this year is going to be spent outdoors running, cycling and swimming, there is good chance that one of those days is going to be cancelled due to some traumatic weather or unsafe road conditions, or even a sudden case of ‘Lazyitis’, whatever.  Now, instead of sitting at home with a bagel and feeling guilty, my amazing girlfriend has given me a chance to go for a completely different kind of workout.  The kind that requires some degree of skill and agility…you know, those two key things that I don’t necessary possess with triathlon.  And I love keeping things unique and different and I believe in a healthy mix of different activity as well, so two Beginners Lessons for a local Peaks indoor rock-climbing club will be awesome.  And who knows, if this whole Ironman thing doesn’t happen, maybe there’s still hope left for me in being the next Reinhold Messner.  Forget Wales; bring on EVEREST!  But maybe I’m getting a little too ahead of myself here…

‘Guilt-free’ mustard and hot chocolate

Remember, I run for the guilt-free food afterwards, so these jars of fancy mustard and ‘Snowman Soup’  will certainly come into play at some point in the near future.  In fact, I’m looking forward to returning home from one of my cold January morning runs to some of this hot chocolate and a nice ham & mustard sandwich to boot.  A beautiful way to end any sub-zero, blizzardy Death March though back country roads if you ask me.


One last thing I’m particularly fond of is this picture since, now, I not only have something great to run for…but someone great to return to as well.  And, for that, I truly feel thankful this year.  So please feel free to barf amongst yourselves if you must but, hey, this guy still considers himself pretty lucky indeed.

  1. Kelly says:

    I’m so glad you liked all your gifts, and that we had such a nice Christmas holiday together 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Where’s the picture of the Jiff and Yoga Kittens?

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