Shit Triathletes Say

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Lifestyle

They say that “the greatest strength of a person is his ability to laugh at himself”.  Well then, that must make me the next Alexander Craig, baby, because I’m guilty at having said at least 95% of this crap at some point or other.  I’m surprised somebody hasn’t drop-kicked me square in the sack yet.


If I had the opportunity to add to this list I would definitely add:

  1. “I hear that’s how Crowie does it…”
  2. “Yeah, today was my only ‘LSD Day’…”
  3. “I’m focusing on my ‘Recovery Strategy’…”
  4. “I upgraded my bento box because this one is more aero…””
  5. “…and then I totally dropped the hammer.”
  6. “My quads are so blown.”
  7. “How many hills did you do?”
  8. “What kind of mileage are you up to now?”
  9. “I don’t like kicking drills in the pool because I want to save my legs for the run.”
  10. “I’m only doing 10k because today’s my easy day.”
  11. “I just pee on the bike…”
  12. “I need to carbo-load for my race tomorrow…”
  13. “Did you know that Chrissie does yoga?”
  14. “Can you see my ass through these bib shorts?”
  15. “Today is just an easy tempo day…”
  1. Kelly says:

    OMFG ….. LMFAO ….. everytime I watch this, it never gets old !

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