The Bike Thief

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Bike
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This post has neither anything to do, or even in common with the sport of triathlon apart from the fact that it involves bikes…specifically, stealing bikes.

God knows what I’d ever do if either Daisy or Lucille should ever be forcefully or illicitly removed from my life; I’d probably crawl into a badger hole and die somewhere.  So to avoid this whole drama from playing out I’ve never left them out of my sight for even a moment, or at least never left them where I know they wouldn’t be safe.  Having said that…how hard is it then to really steal a bike?  Seriously!

And then I stumbled across these two entertaining videos by the same brothers living in NYC who asked exactly the same question.

The Bike Thief (Part 2) (click for Part 2 video)

All I can say, is thank GOD I don’t live in New York City.  No offense to my NYC peeps or anything, but I’m strictly a small town boy now.

  1. Jeff says:

    those were hilarious…I kept thinking he’d get pwned in at least one of them!

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