Yoga Music Pick #6

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Yoga
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Lately, I have been focusing more on my home practice as I’m now a much longer drive to the Yoga by Sarah studio, not to mention that my Ironman training schedule eats up just about every waking hour that I’m not already at my regular ‘9-to-5’ professional job.  While there’s a lot that I miss about my studio practice, there is one thing that I’m not missing so much:  the 2 or 3 musical CD’s they seem to play on repeat.  Hey, I can only listen to so much peaceful solitude music before the over-abundance of rushing water and wave-like noises make me have to break my downward dog  to go piss; at home, I get to listen to whatever I want.

And, lately, that soundtrack of choice has been ‘Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld’  by The Orb.  Released as a double album (I strongly recommend hunting out the UK release), there is lots – 150 minutes actually – of contagious meditative grooves to get all pretzel-like to.  One of the finest ambient trance albums, and affectionately referred to as the best ‘chill out’  album ever made, this LP inspired just about every other future sonic pioneer to come with a laptop and keyboard.

Founded in 1988 by Alex Paterson and KLF member Jimmy Cauty (yes, the ‘The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu’  guy), The Orb began as ambient and dub DJ’s in London and basically provided the blueprint for the electronic music genre of the early-’90s.  Its own early performances were inspired by ambient and electronic artists of the 1970’s and 1980’s, most notably Brian Eno and Kraftwerk.  Similarly, they have culled much of their prominent motifs of outer space, science fiction and mind control from everything including NASA transmissions and Woody Allen movies.  The end result is a lush, trippy, multi-layered sound to get your divine yoga on.

Yoga soundtrack extraordinaire

From Little Fluffy Clouds”,  the first and shortest song on the album, which you might remember ad nauseum from those annoying 90’s television adverts, to the ending piece d’ resistance, a nineteen-minute monstrosity with the charming title, A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Center of the Ultraworld,  this album just literally drips with the Cool.  And, yes, there is even some rushing water sounds for the typical yoga solitude enthusiast to boot.

Now, doesn’t that just make you want to yoga your ass off and slip right into shavasana  or what?


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