My Tri-Shit (Part 2)

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Equipment, Lifestyle
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Just about everything has found its place now.  It’s either within arm’s reach of leaving or entering the front door, conveniently stashed away for later use, or laying out in the open much to my girlfriend’s dismay.  Whatever the case, it is very apparently to those in the know that a budding triathlete leaves here; to others, it stills says: “what is all this shit”?

The front door dumping ground…

Everyone I assume has a convenient nook and/or cranny to stash their stuff when they enter the house, and then retrieve it again when they leave.  Mine just happens to hold more than just my wallet and keys.  Besides the coffee tin full of loose change (yes, I pick up loose change on my easier runs – hey, it nearly paid for an entire vacation to ‘Meh-hee-co’ last year, remember?), I keep a coconut bowl with my assortment of running and cycling sunglasses, a tire repair kit and chain oil, and a tube of wetsuit cement glue.  Oh, let’s not forget my little baggie of toilet paper for my runs on the off-chance that I might need to…never mind.

Hydration personified

Now, you really know when you’re in the home of an endurance athlete when every conceivable level piece of surface in the home is sporting a collection of water bottles.  So let it be sung from the rooftops:  I have LOTS of water bottles; I could drink from a fresh bottle every day of the month if I wanted to.  And this doesn’t even include those on my desk at work, in the car, or those still fixed to my bike.  I probably drink more out of cylindrical plastic or metal containers than anything else throughout the day.  In fact, drinking out of an actual glass feels somewhat ‘fancy’ now.

Daisy in her her glory

Here’s Daisy, my faithful steed.  She will soon be relocated to her new digs in the backyard shed come nicer weather, but for the time being she is loving stashed away in the basement ‘workout room’ with the rest of my immediate riding equipment (riding gloves, helmet, etc.).

The old-school home yoga studio stereo system

Also in this ‘workout room’ (I know, right?  How lucky am I!), is my cheapo stereo unit complete with vinyl record player to listen to while I stretch post-workout.  I haven’t found a convenient yoga studio out here in the sticks yet, so I’m making the best of it at home with my own home yoga practice.  To that regard, we have all the toys:  blocks, rollers, matt, Pilate’s balls, yoga guides and headphones for when I really decide to get into it and block everything else out.  Personally, I like to listen to old jazz and other classic albums while twisting myself into a pretzel.

Compulsory triathlon gear.

Here’s an absolute triathlon training essential if you ask me: my iPod.  Much to my coaches’ disapproval at times, I still consider my tunes as absolutely critical to any successful and invigorating workout, and for that iTunes is my savior.  Structuring out a playlist on my home computer prior to any long run is as much a part of the routine as taking a dump before, and coffee and a stretch afterwards. What can I say?  Sometimes I do enjoy running sans-tunes, say, if it’s foggy or in the early morning or at night but, mostly, I look forward to getting lost in my playlists or intended live concert recording.

Pick yer poison…

Now, I wouldn’t be much of a triathlete unless I had a collection of training guides, magazines, and other assorted triathlon-based literature lying around would I?

It’s whats for dinner…

Part of any successful training regimen is a healthy diet to fuel workouts, as well as assist in recovering from them, so I have amassing a collection of cookbooks and recipe magazines that I draw inspiration from.  I showed you already some of the nutritional staples of this diet plan, but knowing how and when to use them is also paramount to its overall success.  Besides, I have found they make better coffee-table ‘curio-reading’ for visitors than, say, ‘Penthouse Letters’.  Who knew smut would ever go out of style?

The Big Drawer ‘o Shirts n’ Shorts

So if you thought that I had a lot of shoes in Part 1, boy, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I have an entire drawer full of running, cycling and tri-shirts, dry-fit shirts, and compression gear.  Likewise, I have more event and race shirts than you can shake a stick at.  Each year, about half goes to the local Good Will while some become bike rags and dish towels.  I keep those that will either fit the best, that I have some fond sentimental attachment for, or are just some funky color that stands out from the crowd.

And still more shirts n’ shit…

Also, I have an entire spot in my closet dedicated to my growing collecting of riding jerseys and tri-suits. Yeah, I went a little crazy once while shopping in the Megamall (located in the Philippines) when I saw how inexpensive they were compared to here in North America.  Now, there’s no need to go all ‘Queer-Eye for the Triathlete Guy’  here, I just like having the variety since, as my girlfriend will tell you, I pretty much reek by the time I get home from any long ride.  So having some back-up’s is ideal given that I don’t do a load of laundry each and every day (which I could easily if I wanted).  And, no dear, my other “Ugly Shirts” are not hidden among them.

And the rest of it…

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the cardboard box that keeps everything else, including my Yak Traxs, hydration bottles, bicycle arm and leg warmers, cycling gloves, sunglasses, a variety of different colored swim caps, and all the other assorted crap.  This just sits out of the way in the darkest recesses of my closet until needed.  If my professional career doesn’t turn out the way I hope it does, at least I will always have the option of becoming a secondhand triathlon equipment salesman.


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