2012 Racing Season

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Races, Training
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The 2012 racing season is just about here and I’m about as giddy as a tweener at a Justin Bieber concert!  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy….

At times I thought this winter and indoor training season would never end and, yet, here we are in May and I’m all registered for my season’s events.  It has been important to me to try different things and experience new courses and whatnot, so I have some real doozies planned for this year; and I have the credit card bill to prove it.  This is my last year racing in the 35-39 age group before I move up to the infinitely more competitive 40-44 age groupers, so I’m hell bent on giving it everything in efforts of seeing the podium at least once this year; even if only for the ‘Ultimate Coronary of the Year’ honours.

Already, I have bettered my half marathon time at the Chilly Half Marathon as well as my 30k run time at the Around the Bay 30k, and I’m well on my way to dropping more weight (post to follow shortly), not to mention I’ve been working on kicking like Michael Hutchence in the pool lately, so I have big expectations (i.e. goals) of myself this year come triathlon time.  Yup, this season is going to be the tits!

So time to cinch up the apple sack and get to it.  Here are the rest of my planned events for 2012:

The Enbridge ‘Ride to Conquer Cancer’June 9th and 10th

It was important to me this year to incorporate a few ‘fun’ events into my schedule to foster that over all ‘feel good’ attitude that I think is important to keep a healthy focus on my other goals.  It can’t always be about the training or the finishing time, can it?  It’s that total ‘Brussel Sprout Philosophy’ in action.  The first event of this kind that I have committed myself to is the 2012 ‘Ride to Conquer Cancer’, along with the rest of the ‘Yoga by Sarah’ team, in support of the Campbell Family Institute at the Princess Margaret Hospital.  That’s a 200k ride spread over 2 days, and including over 4000 participants, many of whom are cancer survivors themselves.  If any of you have ever had the chance of seeing this parade of riders go by in previous years you’ll already know what an inspiring and moving spectacle it can be…not to mention how much spandex that really is.  This is something I definitely feel very fortunate to be a part of this year.  In particular, I am riding for both my Nana, and my step-mother Bonnie who both struggled with and, ultimately, lost their battles with cancer.  Both these people played a very integral part in my life and I feel genuinely robbed that I won’t be able to share any of my future goals with them, like this ride for example.  So I’ve decided to ride in their honour.

As part of the event, I have also committed to raising $2500 in support of the Campbell Family Institute in the hopes that this heinous disease might someday have a cure.  So, in that regard, if you haven’t done so already, I sincerely, with all my heart, ask that you make a small donation (whatever you can manage would be amazing) at my online donation page linked HERE (click to make a donation).  A big thanks in advance.

Welland Half Iron TriathlonJune 24th

This’ll be my second year competing in this local event.  Last year my finishing time was 5:02:22 so this year it’s one of my goals to better that time and squeeze in under the five hour mark.  To do that, I’m also looking to accomplish two of my other 2012 fitness goals, namely, complete a 2 hour and 30 minute 90k bike and, hopefully, a sub 30 minute 2k swim.  Really, it’s just considered to be another normal training day on the route to Ironman, but I have another year of training under my belt and I feel even better prepared than I was this time last year so I think that five hour mark is definitely doable.

Toronto Triathlon FestivalJuly 22nd

I’m absolutely stoked about this event.  I’ll be toeing the line with Canada’s Olympic hopefully Simon Whitfield as he uses this event as his final tune-up leading towards the London Olympic Games in August.  Of course, I’m only likely to catch a brief glimpse of his rear end as he enters the water, and then again as he finishes the run while I’m just starting but, no matter, I’m thrilled.  Participants will be subject to an unparalleled experience through Toronto’s harbourfront; swimming in the protected water basin of the West Channel of Ontario Place, cycling along the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway past the towering skyscrapers of Bay Street (Canada’s Wall Street), and other notable landmarks like the Air Canada Center, the Rogers Center and the CN Tower, before finishing with a 10k run along the harbourfront itself.  How awesome is that?

Niagara Triathlon (Relay)August 12th

Similar to last year, I’ve decided to participate in this event as a member of a relay, except, where last year I did the swim leg, this year I will be doing the bike (yup, that means going up Park Hill again!).  I’m aiming to compete in this event with two other young triathlon hopefuls that I have had the pleasure of training with in the past.  Maybe we’ll call out team, ‘Who’s the Old Fart?’, or ‘Together We Average21’, I don’t know, but I’m betting it will be fun.  Eric (Aquaman) is a hell of a swimmer and Spencer (Manta Ray) is one quick high school cross country runner, so there’s a good chance that between the three of us we can take it all.

Shore-to-Shore TriathlonAugust 18th

As my last ‘race’ training simulation, I’ve signed up the first ever International Triathlon from Buffalo, NY to Fort Erie, Ontario.  That means that I get to time trial on Lucille across the Peace Bridge towards Old Fort Erie and I won’t have to stop for customs or anything!  The swim is to be held at Gallagher Pier and the run along the scenic Niagara Parkway.  How entirely fucking cool is that going to be?

The Big MoveSeptember 9th

Last year, this gave me one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had the pleasure of watching unfold, much less participate in.  I served as a ‘Sweep Rider’ for the 100k cycle challenge and, once again, I will be the last guy to cross both the starting and finish lines ensuring I do my best to see that everyone meets their personal goals of completing.  This was the perfect way to end my season last year just prior to going full guns in Cancun, so I’m anticipating that same ultimate motivational uplift prior to the big show this year as well.

Ironman WalesSeptember 16th

It’s go time…finally.  I will have had my fun by then and, hopefully, survived all the training, so it’s time to put it all on the line.  As of this moment, the plane tickets have been secured, the B&B has been booked, and the car has been reserved, so it’s just a matter of showing up now and gettin’ er done.  Right now it’s a healthy combination of excitement and fear. It’s still too surreal to really comprehend at this point.  I know I’m excited to have my girlfriend and my father with me there as support, but I’m literally shitting bricks thinking about the possible 11’ swells in the North Beach of Tenby, or the challenging hills along the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  Lord, I must be crazy.

So that about it at the moment.  There may be some half marathons and the odd random race (i.e. Martin’s Surf n’ Turf) thrown in last minute just to keep me focused and provide some much needed relief from the lonely cross-country sessions through the back roads of Ridgeway and Fort Erie but, for the most part, it’s going to be a long and sometimes achy season of training.  Having said that, more than any other year, I’m absolutely excited to ready to eat raw meat for this highly anticipated 2012 competition season.  Everything I’ve done over the last four years has been leading up to this particular season’s goal…IRONMAN.  So stay tuned folks, it’s going to be an interesting journey indeed.


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