Country Roads, Take Me Home

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Motivation, Training
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  • Easy Ride (click to see stats)
  • 30.21k (1:11:14)
  • Avg. Heart Rate =  114 bpm
  • Max. Heart Rate =  152 bpm
  • Avg. Speed/Pace = 25.4 /kph
  • Best Speed/Pace = 36.0 /kph
  • Calories = 1204
  • Temp = 17°

It has been nearly two months since I packed up and moved to the remote township of Ridgeway, approximately a 30 minute drive from St. Catharines; and so far, so good actually.  I have been able to get reestablished back into a regular training schedule of swimming, running and cycling and life is good…if not a little sweaty as per usual.

Part of the allure to move here – not that my sweetheart and her kidlet aren’t enough, of couse – is that I have a vast new area to explore while I’m working out.  It could be safely said that I had pretty much killed the entire Niagara Region to death in the past three years as far as fresh cycling and running routes go.  Sure, part of me will miss time-trialing through the Concession Roads of Niagara-on-the-Lake, climbing the rolling hills in Pelham and Fonthill, and maybe even my tempo runs through my old childhood stomping grounds of Merritton, but everything here in the Greater Fort Erie area is so…so…new and exciting.

Particularly given that we were blessed with freakish summer-like weather throughout March and April, I have been out pretty regularly on Daisy exploring as much as possible.  And when I’m not riding, I’m running…practically every day as a matter of fact.  Now that it’s May and the worst is behind us, the routes are alive with fuzzy animals, pudgy birds, sweetly scented blossoms, and that indescribable stench of rotting leaves and thawing poop that that the country gives off to proudly announce that Spring is finally here.  Awesome.  In a single ride, I can travel between Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Sherkston, Port Colbourne, Welland, Niagara Falls, Chippewa, Fort Erie and all stops in between.  During my runs I skirt along lake shore roads, country lanes and cottage-style townships; with only the sound of my footsteps or the hum of my rear cassette to keep me company.

In a word, this area is BEAUTIFUL.  The country roads are lined with old barns, small ponds and fishing holes, fields full of bunnies and deer, and rusted farm equipment; it’s glorious compared to the never-ending traffic and multiple intersections in St. Catharines (although part of me does miss sprinting alongside city buses).  When the true summer weather really gets here I am only a 15 minute jog from any number of public beaches, where I can get some long open water swims in along the banks of Lake Erie and I can’t wait to see what the tourists make of me in my wetsuit.  It’s going to be a great training season leading up to September’s big goal.

The following photos are just an initial collection of scenes and landscapes from this area during the past few months’ worth of cycling and running.

Netherby Rd.

Nigh Rd.

Nigh Rd.

Yeah, you’re reading that right (Netherby Rd.)

Ridgemount Rd.

Point Abino Rd.

I know exactly whee my runners are going after Wales…

Tell me about it!

Folk art or some creepy roadside Blair Witch thingee?

Does look like much of a homestead, now does it?

Stonemill Rd.

Who is Fowler and why does he let his toads play in traffic?

Point Abino Rd.

Lake Erie with the windmills in the distance.

The turn around point on one of my long runs…

Downtown Crystal Beach

Barn along Bowen Rd.

Netherby Rd.

Barn window along Bowen Rd.

Lake Erie from the Buffalo Yacht Club

Waverly Beach (Fort Erie)

  1. Sarah says:

    Terry – I enjoy all your blogs, but this one was especially beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to share this. The photos were amazing too!

  2. Kelly says:

    These are beautiful pics, and while the beauty along the Grand River astounds me with the neverending trail system and conservation area, I do sometimes get pangs for my native Niagara Region I left 12 years ago to make a life with my roman soldier. My only question is, does driving over the toads slowly stop them from getting completely smooshed? I think driving at a regular speed would still flatten them. 🙂

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