Epic Success

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Yoga
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So, I recently felt the need to redeem myself a little bit after my latest Epic Fail in the Hot Yoga studio a little over a week ago.  Although I have been practicing more at home now, I still felt this need for redemption and to make peace with the whole hot yoga thing once again.  If you recall, I completely bonked – big time – midway through a hot yoga class after not hydrating well enough immediately following a humid 10k tempo run.  Oops.  My bad.  However, today’s foray, albeit successful, was also not without its challenges.

Today main workout involved a long bike (click for results) ride with my TryForce group through the township of Welland, Wainfleet, Pelham, Fenwick, Fonthill, et al., covering nearly 80k at a steady pace of 28.8 km/h; not too shabby for this distance so early in season if I do say so myself.  As I have been this past entire week, I was very conscientious of my hydration throughout the entire ride.  Eat, drink, take my turn pulling in the front, repeat…easy.  I had already planned to attend the 11:30am Hot Yoga class at YBS afterwards and I certainly didn’t want a repeat performance of last weekend.  Over all, the ride was very uneventful and quite enjoyable as they usually are and the weather was beautiful despite being a bit overcast as the previous days weather report it had originally threatened thunderstorms.  Afterwards, we stopped at our usual starting and stopping point and ribbed one another while recapping the ride highlights over a customary Starbucks caffeinated beverage.  Yes, another Sunday ride in the books; time to reenter the Lion’s Den.

I arrived at the studio still in my riding gear and quickly got changed into my fresh yoga attire, which, come to think of it, isn’t much at all.  When it comes to hot yoga, I believe less is better.  Sure, I may not possess a Greek Adonis-type of body, but when the sweat starts a-rolling I prefer to have next to nothing on other than my yoga shorts.  Even the mere thought of having a shirt or top on, no matter how light, how breathable, or made of whatever fashionable yoga-friendly material that’s currently popular on the racks of Lululemon these days, seems totally uncomfortable so, sorry girls; you’re just going to have to put up with my semi-naked pudgy posterior as long as that needle tops 100°.

Class started as per usual with our instructor Ashley taking us through the usual limbering up and mental focusing and whatnot, everything seemed okay.  But, then again, it always starts out that way.  There was still an entire 59 minutes for something to go wrong.  Not to be overly pessimistic mind you, but I am a realist if anything else and I know that things can change quickly and dramatically in the confines of a heated yoga studio.  But truth is, things seemed fine for the first part of the class and I was able to keep up with only minimal breaks in child’s pose.  I did notice a significant heating sensation through my shoulders though as the sunburn I obtained from Saturday’s long run began to heat up with my rising core temperature, but I persevered and continued chaturanga-ing my buns off.  Winning.

Then it happened: my fingertips began to tingle, and not necessarily in the good way.  Wtf?  I experienced this the other day as well after approximately an hour or so into my run and I became a little worried that I was experiencing a minor stroke or something, but then it subsided once I had finished and cooled off so I never thought more of it, but here it was again.  Curious.

I continued on through the prescribed asanas on my mat proud that I hadn’t collapsed yet again in a sweaty heap in front of a room of attractive women, but this fingertip thing was beginning to get a bit more severe…stinging even.  I tried to turn my brain off from worrying about it but the stinging sensation kept getting worse.  It was like someone had lit little matches under them; then it dawned on me:  Jalapeno!

Two evenings before I was preparing a whole wheat pasta salad that called for a yummy spicy avocado dressing and, like an idiot, I chopped up some jalapeno peppers without the benefit of rubber gloves.  I know, I know, I said it already…I’m an idiot.  And now, here, nearly two days later, the capsaicin  (the shit that makes peppers hot) was literally bleeding out my pours along with all the sweat I had been expunging throughout the class.  Who knew?  Lesson learned.

With this realization, I mentally called off the EMS services I had planned to call after class if the issue persisted and got back to focusing on my downward dog and finished off the class successfully, albeit with that persisting stinging session lighting up my fingers.  But, hey, no pain no gain.  Right?

So take that Hot Yoga!  I’m back, baby!

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