New Training Schedule (2012): Revenge of the Big Suck!

Posted: May 29, 2012 in The Plan

With only little less than one month to go before my triathlon season officially begins with the Welland Half Iron event on June 24th, I have now finally locked into my rigorous Ironman training schedule that will take me into the Big Show come September.  And, boy, is it a bitch and a half!  Yup, the winter training plan has officially been over for a while now and I’ve already amped things up drastically in the past month and a half. Already, I have set two new PB’s at the half marathon and 30k distances, so things are seemingly going well.

However, it should also now be noted that my life has evolved significantly since last year and even since the beginning of this year when I first launched into this Iron-madness; namely, I’m a family guy now and need to juggle those important responsibilities accordingly.  Where this hasn’t necessarily slowed me down any, it hasn’t been without its challenges to initiate either.  But I think I have incorporated a successful weekly plan that now enables me to balance these personal obligations with the anticipated rigors of Ironman training.

I now give you the new summer Ironman training schedule for 2012:  Revenge of the Big Suck.

Monday:  Swim / Easy Run / Yoga

Despite being a “Double Duty”  day, Monday’s are still pretty light.  I have transitioned into more of a morning person since necessity has dictated that my swims all need to be early morning workouts prior to my having to be at work (luckily, I work from home).  My morning swims are usually a little over an hour covering distances of 3  to 3.5  kilometers each depending on how many drills I decide to do.  I am primarily focused on improving my kicking lately and I am now beginning to unconsciously kick throughout my swim.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no motorboat, yet, but at least I’m kicking more unconsciously now, meaning, I don’t have to focus on it specifically as much anymore.

Later in the day, either on my lunch hour or immediately after work when, hopefully, it’s a bit cooler, I can go for a nice easy jog to explore my new surroundings here in Ridgeway and Crystal Beach.  It must be said, parts of Crystal Beach are like running through the looking glass; there’s never a dull moment in ‘Whoville’, believe me.

Lastly, as a good wind down, I’m planning on fitting a slow bendy-twisty session in the evening.  I’ve had to let my YBS membership lapse for the summer as there is simply not enough time in the day to do everything given that I’m a thirty minute drive from St. Catharines now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue my practice at home.  I’ve moved from my specific strength training period, so I’m more interested in slow, restorative stretching at this point.  Having said that, I might still try a few classes at the local Yoga Joy studio just for shits n’ giggles, or head out the lake for some solitary quiet time on my mat.

Tuesday:  Speed Run / Easy Bike

Officially, the ‘suck’ starts on Tuesdays with a Speed workout.  Now, it’s already documented that I enjoy running like I enjoy hot lava being poured down my pants and speed workouts are my least favorite of the bunch. After all, my body was more designed for comfort that it ever was for going fast, but, I understand the importance that speed work provides and am committing to completing at least one speed run each week.  Fortunately there is a local high school nearby with a soft running track as well as a long stretch of not-too-busy road (Thunder Bay Rd.) immediately behind my house that I can use for these sessions.  My speed workouts, including approximately 10  minutes of warm up and warm down, are about an hour in length and are extremely taxing, particularly now that the hotter, dry weather is finally here.

Afterwards, I jump on my ‘Daisy’, my road bike, for approximately two hours of riding the back country roads of Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and all points in between.  It’s beautiful here, and this is my chance to simply get out and enjoy it without too much stress about distance, time or pace.  Often I bring my camera with me and use the opportunity to go exploring and snap some scenery.  Typically, these rides cover anywhere between 40-60  kilometers (give or take).

Wednesday:  Swim / Tire Drag (Hills) / Yoga

It’s back in the pool early in the morning on Wednesday’s, or once it’s a bit warmer and comfortable, I will move this workout outside to the open waters of Lake Erie (careful to avoid the pleasure cruisers, of course) or the Welland International Flat Water Center.

In the afternoon, its tire drag time!  I know, I know…say whaa?  Hey, I’m all about incorporating strange and innovative training methods into my own training plan and I’m banking that this particular workout is going to help me strengthen my legs while enabling me to deal with the hilly marathon at the end in Wales…especially, given that there is a total lack of hills on which to train in this area.  I know, I’m crazy, that’s a given already.  But I’m banking on this to work.  I started these drags at 30  minutes each and intend to amp them up each week to approximately an hour in length.  What they lack in duration, they certainly make up for in total ‘suckitude’…truuuuuuuuuuuuustme!

More yoga in the evening; hopefully, somewhere outdoors, peaceful or even just in the coolness of my basement studio.

Thursday:  Tempo Run / Tempo Ride

Thursday are ‘Go Hard or Go Home Day’  with a 60  minute tempo run in the blazing afternoon heat where I try to cover approximately 12-13  kilometers at a go, followed by a two hour tempo ride spanning 70+  kilometers on my tri-bike (Lucille) in the evening.  It’s all about finding ‘pace’ on Thursdays with no break or rest intervals, so my legs are pretty well shot or fatigued by the end of the day.

Every four weeks during my ‘Recovery Period’, I’ll inevitably join my triathlon group for their shorter interval Brick workouts in North Pelham just to be a bit more social.

Friday:  Swim / Long Run / Yoga

It’s another session in the pool in the morning working on either speed, musculature endurance or form specifically, as opposed to simply distance.

Friday is my dedicated long run day.  I’m running for endurance here, not pace specifically, so I try to be out for two plus hours as I ramp up continuously through the summer.  These sessions will inevitably begin to push the 3-4  hour duration as I prepare for my first ever attempt at the marathon distance, lending themselves to outright ‘maximum suckage’  at times.  Likewise, to really enhance the ‘suckage factor’  somewhat, periodically these long runs will be done on Sundays after my long bike rides instead.

By the end of this day, I’ll really be looking forward to that yoga warm down at the end of the day.  I can foresee lots of pigeon pose in my future.

Saturday:  Rest Day

Saturday is all about family whether it be accomplishing some forgotten errands or household tasks (like cutting the stupid lawn), or planning something fun with the girlfriend and kid.  They are both extremely supportive and understanding of all this Ironman business so I feel it’s equally important that I similarly schedule some dedicated time for them into my plan to enable me to spend some quality time doing fun stuff.  Lately, it’s all about the garage sales and trolling the area for the perfect piece of crap for our front yard garden, but I’m also game for trips to the zoo, visits to the beach or the local Splash pad, or short cycle rides along the Friendship Trail…whatever they wish, it’ll be my command.

Sunday: Long Bike (or Long Brick) / Yoga

Sunday is my dedicated long ride day of 3-4  hours plus.  This is also a highly anticipated day for me because, not only do I love cycling, but I also get to join up with members of my TryForce club and I will even lead a few of the rides myself.  Afterwards, we get together and hang out with a nice cuppa  Starbucks Joe to discuss the days ride (and each other’s training plan), but sometimes I’ll have to forgo these caffeinated soirees to complete my own long runs should my schedule call for it that week.

I’ll also try to slip in another short yoga session at home time permitting just to completely stretch out after the day’s long bike and/or run.

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hot damn Terry. Your training is no joke. Mad props.

  2. Hells no! Kelly is already excited about Wales which is “only four months away” she is quick to remind me. To me, given this current training schedule, four months seems like a lifetime away. To my mind, that’s 16 weeks of torture still to endure leading upto that point.

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