Playlist Bingo

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Playlists, Run

It’s already been well established that I enjoy my tunage when I run.  In fact, without my handy-dandy iPod, it’s not so much a ‘run’ as it is a forced death march, Bataan-style.  Given that’s not really safe to listen to music when you bike and, well, swimming with your iPod would just be foolish, my runs only really provide that opportunity to get let lost in a little musical ambiance, dig?  Word.

Sometimes I use the opportunity to listen to a newly pirated album I’ve managed to locate and download off the Intranet from one of my favorite artists, or an old forgotten album and relive some old memories from my past.  Other times, I purposely load up a specialized playlist to help me keep to a certain pace when I’m out for a tempo run, or a selection of inspirational songs to motivate me through a long haul (i.e. AC/DC).  Often, I will listen to an entire single concert from my immense collection of bootlegs and live shows.  Then there are the times, especially during my easy runs, that I simply hit the ‘Random’  feature on my iPod and take in a whole hodge-podge of whatever’s been previously loaded up onto it; often, I’ve even forgotten what’s on there so many of the tracks come as very welcome surprises.  It’s these particular playlists, or random sampling of tunes, that have been providing me the most entertainment and enjoyment lately.

The following is a list of songs (in order) from my last 60  minute easy run (including warm-up/warm-down):

1.  Heat Wave – Martha & the Vandella’s

2.  I Want You Back – Jackson 5

Okay, so I have a small thing for Motown.  But when it’s sunny and cheerful out what better inspiration can be had?  Especially when it’s from a pre-pubescent Michael before he went all bat shit crazy.  Good start to the run.

3.   Love Will Turn You Around – Kenny Rogers

Yes, I have Kenny Rogers on my iPod.  Deal with it.  This brings back fond memories from one of my favorite childhood movies ‘Six Pack’, alright?  Deal with it.

4.  Tiny Dancer – Elton John

5.   Stranglehold – Ted Nugent

Now that’s one shit storm of a segue right there, right?  From the faggiest of the faggy, to Mr. ‘If It Moves I’ll Kill It’ himself, you won’t find any better musical juxtaposition anywhere else in this great cosmos but right here on my own iPod, that’s for sure!

6.  Express Yourself – Charles Wight

Again with the good ‘ol Motown-esque grooves.  This definitely puts a spring in my step while passing through crowds of beach-goers along Erie Street in Crystal Beach.

7.  Major Tom (Coming Home) – William Shatner

Whoa.  William Shatner.  That’s…new.  How’d that get on there?

8.  New Jack Hustler – Ice-T

So this is a little embarrassing.  But, day-um, if this doesn’t have a nice beat and rhythm to run to!

9.   Push On ‘til the Day – Trey Anastasio

10.  St. Louis Is Listening – Soul Coughing

These next two tracks could just as easily been on any one of my motivational playlists for those more grueling long, and tempo runs.  Both have an excellent driving rhythm and ‘fuck yeah’ attitude to them that one simply cannot help but nut up and pick up the cadence so matter who much you’re hurting.  I discovered Soul Coughing back in my alma mater days but, little did I know back then, that they would eventually motivate me do more than smoke pot.  Funny how life is.

11.  Shake It Up – the Cars

12.  911 Is a Joke – Public Enemy

13.  Riders in the Sky – Dick Dale

Once again, another left field segue; from cheesy 80’s synth pop, to old school gangsta rap, to surf guitar.  Am I complex dude or what?  Strangely enough, however, they all seemed to flow together somewhat well and before I knew it was still maintaining the quicker pace that I had established with those two previous motivational tracks and my heart rate was peaking like a jack rabbit on crack.  Remember to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n

14.  You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes

Umm, more Motown?  I’m beginning to think I might have an addiction.

15.  Sun Is Shining – Julian Beeston

This isn’t something I’m particularly proud of, but it sure does have a driving techno rhythm to get your feet moving despite this supposing to be an easy run and I have to remember to keep it dialed back.  Perhaps the Bob Marley original would be more effective to keeping things at a slower pace.  Come to think of it, just knowing now that there is a techno-like track on my iPod is enough to make me want to voluntarily hand my ‘Man Card’ back in.

16.  It’s a Long Way to the Top If You Want to Rock n’ Roll – AC/DC

Okay, finally a little testosterone even if it does have bag pipes in it.

17.  The Golden Age – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Yes, I know and you’re right…it’s the song from the Heineken commercial.  But what can I say?  It’s got a catchy vibe to it.

18.  No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys

I remember this track from an old Steven Segal movie back in the day and have dug it ever since.  Of course, this tune would be more appropriate if I were running through, like, the ghetto or something but as it is here in the quiet, peaceful, rural metropolis of Ridgeway…not so much.  ‘C’est la vie‘, I suppose.

19.  Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield

Ahhh, Dusty…my guiltiest of guilty pleasures.  Now this is a totally appropriate easy running tune!  From the wildly underrated and nearly forgotten ‘Dusty in Springfield’ album, this hip, hip song fails to illicit anything other than a ‘isn’t life just fucking grand?’ response from me.  This was the perfect end to pleasant jaunt down easy street, well, Michener Street anyway.


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