Operation: Kona

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Motivation
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Excuse me, Sir, can you tell me how to get go Carnegie Hall?

Practice, son, practice.

                                                                                                             – Anonymous

I attribute my success this year largely in part to my having a long-term training plan devised for me and then executing it.  For those of you who have been frequenting this nutty little realm in the blogosphere since the beginning, will already know that’s it’s been a wild and crazy four year journey so far, including many successes and even more failures; a regular roller-coaster of a ride (in fact, this blog has only been in existence for the last two years but the journey started well before then).  Back then I was still an overweight, single stoner with little inspiration to significantly alter my lifestyle beyond lose some weight and attempt what then seemed as impossible.  Now, well, let’s just say that things have changed significantly…as one might suspect.

It’s also been well documented here that I’ve been feeling rather laissez-faire since accomplishing this initial Ironman goal, so I’ve been musing lately over what to attempt next, and I’m not talking in the short term either.  I need something epic once again to plan and look forward to.  That’s not to suggest, of course, that I’m not looking forward to any of the other smaller step goals I’m going to set for myself between now and again, but I feel the familiar urge to execute a “Master Plan”.  What to do, what to do…?

Oh, I know!  KONA!  What the fuck.

I’ve discussed it with my family and received the ‘green light’ so, henceforth, today will be day one of the new five year master plan:  Operation: Kona.  That’s right, upon turning forty-five years of age I’m going to make a serious bid, beginning now, to qualify for the Ironman World Championship come hell or high water.

I understand what a bold statement this is, believe me, but it’s no different than, say, my quitting smoking marijuana, or stop eating junk food, or running my first half marathon.  Those all seemed like pipe dreams at the time too (some more literally than others, of course).  But looking at some of the qualifying times for this year’s 2012 race, I think it’s now within my ability barring any serious injury or unfortunate circumstance.  I also know that five years is a long time to commit to something but I’m tenacious as I am stubborn, so that doesn’t really scare me either.  But even if I’m ultimately unsuccessful, I’m confident that I’ll be in the best shape of my life and ready to tackle anything else that might then consume my interest and focus.  What have I got to loose really?

So looking at some of the recent qualifying times for the M45-49  age group category, it seems like I’m going to need to set a 10h to 10h 30min finishing goal.  Ugh.  I know the Kona qualification process isn’t necessary based on time as it is on placing, but I think that that particular time goal would definitely put me in a good qualifying position depending on where I decide to make my first big qualifying attempt.

Why five years?  Well, besides being the next major milestone age-wise, it’s realistically the time I’m going to need in order to save for our stay in Hawaii given how expensive it is; I’m no Daddy Warbucks, unfortunately.  Maybe though, if I keep buying my weekly Lotto tickets, this won’t be such an issue but, as it is, I need to make sure I’m as financially prepared as I am physically and mentally as there will be no low-budget roach motels for this triathlete!

So, ‘Fat and Furious’ fans, the adventure continues anew.  I suspect then that the next five years will have more ups and downs than the toilet seat at a Stag n’ Doe, with lots more chronicling of the various aches, pains, gripes, and customary complaints along the way.  Heck, there may even be a few accomplishments to report as well.  How exciting.  Double ugh.

So stay tuned then folks as I try to ‘Bad News Bears’ the shit outta this thing!

  1. Doreen says:

    Hey Terry -Congrats on setting a new goal for yourself. I have no doubt based on your tenacity and commitment over the last four years, that you will successfully achieve this new goal. I look forward to following your stories on the road to Kona!

  2. Carolyn says:

    You have come a long way, and I’m so proud of your accomplishments. I remember when this blog started and you mentioned your pre-race ritual. Oh how times have changed!

    Operation Kona 2017! You’ve got this.


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