Wales (In Retrospect)

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Lifestyle
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Okay, so I’m almost ready to put Ironman Wales completely behind me and move on for good…almost.  But then I received my official race photos in the mail the other day and I’m having some fond flashbacks.  Now, let me first warn you:  I am not one of those pretty triathletes and I’m not likely going to be called upon for any calendar shoots anytime soon.  However, these photos do bring back those specific moments in which they were taken, rather vividly in fact.

Swim: 58:31

I know, I know, what the fuck?  Told you I wasn’t pretty.  Goggle marks under my eyes and, hey, who looks good in a freakin’ neoprene hoodie anyway, right?  But in my defense:  this was taken only a few seconds after exiting the water at Goscar Rock on North Beach and checking the time on my stop watch.  The 58 minutes definitely has not registered in my brain yet judging by the expression on my face.  I’m probably still mid-panic that I missed a turning point or a buoy or something.  Another second or two after this was taken, I began the looooooooong climb up the pathway back to the main road and another 1.5k  run back to transition to fetch my bike.  Good times.


Bike: 6:57:21

This shot – which I totally don’t disapprove of by the way – was taken while giv’n ‘er up the monster “Heartbreak Hill” at the 100k  mark.  It was a totally an up and out of the saddle climb the whole way.  This photo was definitely taken on the first ascent up that bitch of a hill as the second climb, which came again at 170k,  I wasn’t looking so, well, motivated…let me tell you.  I was still feeling relatively good at this point and loving the crowd interaction.  I was working hard on staying ahead of the pack that I had been working to stay ahead of for the past 30-40k and catching the next group of riders struggling up just ahead of me.  I was also beginning to show the first signs of desperation at not having found the ‘Special Needs’ area yet.

Run: 4:03:22

Here it is, the finisher’s shot, well, the only one I’m going to share with you anyway.  Even with just a few meters to go the whole experience was very surreal.   I knew I should have been making a better effort for the camera by waving my arms, punching the air, or doing a victory jig, or whatever, but, truthfully, I just wanted to get across the line and STOP.  Period.  Here you can see the four different colored arms bands that marked each lap at the top of that God-forsaken climb up Narberth Road.  Considering how much pain I was in at this exact moment, I don’t really look that bad.  Okay, maybe just a little…

Anyway, that’s it folks.  It’s over.  Kaput!   I’m moving on and getting with the new plan.  No more looking back, eyes forward…forever forward.

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures to be proud of, boy. )

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