Remembrance Day Playlist

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Playlists

It seems like just yesterday I was planning out and listening to my planned Halloween themed soundtrack while rowing on the ergometer and, now, here I am again, a day late and a dollar short of another holiday workout which has by now become my custom.

So today’s special Remembrance Day soundtrack was inspired to accompany a slow, mellow flexibility-based yoga workout at the gym this evening after a steady 30 minute interval row on the ergometer.  The original intent was to go on the weekend but, instead, I was coaxed into enjoying the freakishly warm weather outside doing more, well, outside stuff.  After a breakfast of steak and eggs, we watched ‘Kidzilla’  sing at the local cenotaph during the Remembrance Day ceremony, before indulging in a brief bike ride around the neighborhood and, after a short rest on the couch taking in ‘Band of Brothers’, I finally got around to cutting the lawn for the final time this year.  I’m not sure cutting grass qualifies as ‘working out’ but I’m chalking it up as such anyway.  Truthfully, it was just nice to be outdoors in November in just a t-shirt.

So that brings me to yesterday and my pre-made list of somber, remorseful remembering tunes.  So, behold, I offer you my Remembrance Day Workout Yoga Playlist:

We Were Soldiers– Joseph Kilna McKenzie

Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits

The Gunner’s Dream – Pink Floyd

Dogs of War – Pink Floyd

Decoration Day – Drive-by Truckers

Highway of Heroes – The Trews

We Take Care of Our Own – Bruce Springsteen

The Unknown Soldier – The Doors

The Last Post – unknown

Platoon (Opening Theme) – Samuel Barder

Suicide is Painless (M*A*S*H) – Johnny Mandel

Bring the Boys Back Home> Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

In My Life – The Beatles

Masters of War – Bob Dylan

Living With War – Neil Young

Peace Train – Cat Stevens

Road to Joy – Bright Eyes

Sam Stone – John Prine

Nuclear War (Version 4) – Yo La Tengo

Life During Wartime – Talking Heads

War – Edwin Starr

As always, if you have a favorite Remembrance themed song or a recommendation for next years playlist, please feel free to post it here in my comments.


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