The Tightwad Triathlete’s Christmas Shopping Guide (Part 2)

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Financial
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In case the ideas’ in Part 1 weren’t enough, here are a few more novel Christmas ideas for your special triathlete this holiday season; no need to venture into ‘No Man’s Land’ at the mall just yet.  Remember, it’s not about how pretty it is but how functional it is.  Sure the new Garmin 310X looks really, really flashy and no doubt has their heart all aflutter, but by the time they figure out how to use it Easter will be here.  In the meantime, they could be getting more use out of these items:

Pretty and functional!

Pretty and functional!

Just about every popular brand name line of bikes comes with their own personalized equipment add-ons for the serious biker like, for example, a tire changing kit.  These kits are invaluable for any cyclist who ventures more than just a few kilometers from home.  Personally, I wouldn’t leave home without it.  In this kit we store our extra tubes, tire levers, air cartridges, quick inflator, etc.  All said and done this can total some pretty good cash.  Even the bag alone is going to set you back a few sawbucks.  However, here’s the perfect alternative that you can easily affix under your seat with basic wire for the same purpose.  Functional AND  pretty!  This decorative box probably even has enough room to pack a lunch for all those really long rides as well…and all for only $2.00!

Truly, this will make your triathlete have you as a friend.

Truly, this will make your triathlete Glad…to have you as a friend.

Here’s a true multi-purpose gift idea…a roll of garbage bags.  Forget the expensive fancy water resistant running jackets you’ll pay a fortune for at Runners World, garbage bags the perfect rain poncho.  Just cut out some holes for your head and arms, slip it over your regular running gear, cinch the drawstring tight around your waist and off you go!  Presto!  Hell, its’ even lemon scented…how convenient is that?  The real beauty is that since a typical roll of garbage bags come in packages of 60-100, the thick forgiving roll can double as a foam roller to soothe your aching muscles when you get home later.  Beautiful!



And if your triathlete prefers not to use their roll of garbage bags for massage purposes, or the roll gets low if it’s been particularly nasty out, then maybe this $2.00 paint roller will do instead.  It perfectly targets all those particular sore muscles just as easily as any expensive foam roller.  Hell, for a dollar more you can throw in a replacement roller.



Now what triathlete can’t benefit from having an extra shammy around, am I right?  Use it to sponge off your bike after a sweaty indoor trainer session, or yourself when you get out of the pool after a long swim like a real Olympic diver.  Nobody needs to know it’s by Scotch-Brite…a shammy is a shammy!  At Dollarama, these packages of two shammy towels are even cheaper than your typical ShamWow!



Needless fad or endurance staple, I’ve already documented how expensive your basic compression wear is, but even Dollarama has a solution!  The TherapyPlus ‘Diabetic Dress Cotton Sock’; at $9.00, these old man socks are the deal of the century!  Forget the $50  pairs with fancy swooshes n’ shit on ‘em, heck, you can even forget about the $14.95  pairs at Walmart!  At that price you can practically dispose them after a single wear and simply purchase new ones.

Nothing says 'Merry Christmas', like hot food!

Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’, like hot food!

Here’s the scenario:  your beloved triathlete is out on a long winter’s run and suddenly they feel like they may need a little nosh, or pick-me-up.  Sure, they can gobble down a gel or two (or some ‘Yogurt Dips’  if they’re particularly savvy) but wouldn’t they really prefer a hot meal?  I don’t know about anyone else, but a nice hot open-faced roast beef sandwich would sure hit the spot at the halfway point on any of my cold runs.  And how would I manage that you ask?  Why, with a portable Titan Foil ‘Cook n’ Carry’  container, of course.  For a single buck, you can provide your triathlete with three hot meals in these convenient 2lb. food containers.  Yeah.

Coffee.  Duh.

Coffee. Duh.

And if they’re going to be treated to a hot meal, why not a hot beverage to go with it?  As I see it, for a dollar you can’t really go wrong.

Keep their pinkies and piggies warm for $1.25!

Keep their pinkies and piggies warm for $1.25!

If you’ve shopped for winter running gloves recently you probably broke out in a sweat just thinking about paying off the credit card bills afterwards.  Pfft!  You can purchase warm, fuzzy industrial gloves at Dollarama just as easily.

The gift that keeps on giving.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Now, here’s the coup d’état.  Besides being free, you don’t even have to go shopping for it.  Just go to a park or field somewhere, or maybe even your own backyard, and pick up the first stick you see.  Yes, a stick.  A stick is the perfect budget friendly gift for your triathlete and has a myriad of purposes:  you can ward off attacks from local dogs, retrieve stuff from roadside ditches, poke at dead animals during your runs, or just use it to point interesting stuff out to your runner partner.  If you really want to, you can wrap some bubble wrap around it and use it just as you would the real Stick to self-massage aching muscles and soreness, stimulate circulation, and whatever else the Stick does.  Again…functional NOT pretty!


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