Enter the Returning Yogi’s Mind

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Yoga
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Low and behold, the injuries I’ve sustained that have prevented me from running lately are – *knock on wood* – being to subside, so I’m making it a point to be more conscientious about conditioning myself properly in order for my strength to return fully.  Part of this healing process is getting back to my yoga practice and working on my functional strength.  With that in mind, I tried the yoga class today at the Fort Erie YMCA which, it must be said, might have seemed more like sitting in on ‘Pablum Time’ at the Seniors Recreational Center but, regardless, I’ve come to understand that yoga is the practice of time and experience; so never judge a book by it’s cover.  There is no ‘judgement in yoga’ after all, right?  Besides, any yoga is good yoga in my book.

As it’s been a while, I found it hard to quiet my mind while we worked through our flows with the instructor and, yoga being yoga, there are always lots of interesting personalities to focus on so the opportunity to people watch is typically spectacular.  And, hey, remember that I was easily about 30-40 years younger than anyone sitting around me so I was constantly having this inner dialogue with myself about what I saw going on around me.  It’s a hard thing to turn off.  Kinda reminds of exactly what’s going on in this video:


So just what kind of thoughts were going through my head today you ask?  Well, here is a random sampling:

1.  “Geez, my toes are really sweaty.  Why do my toes sweat?”

2.  “What on earth is that guy doing?  I wonder what they call that pose – ‘Epileptic Bat’ maybe?”

3.  “Holy crap do I ever feel beautiful.  I should work out with old people more often.”

4.  “What does ‘just be conscious and present on your mat’ really mean?  Where else would I be?  What kind of drugs are these people on?”

5.   “Did that guy fart or is his Bengay just rancid?”

6.  “I wonder what kind of ambient music they played in yoga classes eons ago when these people first started practicing?”

7.  “Oh my God.  I think that women’s spine just snapped!”

Don’t hate me.  I simply can’t help myself as I’m a victim of my own Douchery.  Regardless, I plan on returning when I can and, hopefully, make peace with the surroundings and learn to quieten my mind and just enjoy what it is that I’m doing – being healthy.


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