The Halloween Walk/Quaff Workout

Posted: November 1, 2013 in In Transition
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I’m all about celebrating special occasions in style.  Sometimes I will queue up a holiday inspired soundtrack to listen to while training (click HERE for examples), and sometimes I plan out a unique holiday themed workout like the 12 Days of Pool Christmas, or the Skittle Workout.  And who could ever forget last year’s infamous Gingerbread Workout.  Yes, if you can’t have some fun while training, what’s the freakin’ point?

This year, I participated successfully in a few swim/bike competitions while I was healing from lingering foot issues after Ironman Wales.  So this year, I devised another type of multi-disciplined Brick-style workout; something I call the ‘Halloween Walk/Quaff Workout.  Forget the stupid aqua-bike competitions, or even duathlons for that matter; when the going gets really tough, the tough slow down and go on a candy bender.  Think of it as a special sugar-induced Interval workout involving extensive periods of brisk walking followed by scarfing down as much Halloween candy as one can possible handle.  Definitely not for the faint of heart!

  • 2k walk
  • Overall Time = 1:00:01
  • Avg. Pace = 30:03 min/km
  • Best Pace = 10:09 min/km
  • Calories Burned: 150
  • Calories Consumed: 1,259,985

Here is how the workout transpired in pictures:

At the starting line:  "READY...STEADY..."

At the starting line: “READY…STEADY…”

Remember to stay hydrated!

Remember to stay hydrated!

Always remember to thank your Aid Station volunteers!

Always remember to thank your Aid Station volunteers!

Keeping up the pace between door-to-door intervals...

Keeping up the pace between door-to-door intervals…

This poor bastard didn't fare so well...

This poor bastard didn’t fare so well…

At the finish of the first walking leg...

Arriving back at transition exhausted…

Think that was easy?  Consider this, when I do my normal interval workouts, I might do 5 to 8, maybe a dozen intervals in an hour.  But tonight, well, just look at these impressive stats:

Halloween Workout 1Halloween Workout 2

Simon Whitfield, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

After the walk, it was time to endure the rigors of the next leg of the workout…’the Quaff’.

Fueling is definitely important!

Fueling is definitely important!

And lets not forget the all important rest and recovery afterwards...

And lets not forget the all important rest and recovery afterwards…

Obviously, this workout is not to be taken lightly.  I recommend first building a strong base of fitness involving both physical as well as vital mental toughness conditioning.  But, if you can survive this workout, you can survive anything!

Happy Halloween!


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