Battle in the Saddle

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Bike, In Transition
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As I have already detailed in other blog posts (click HERE and HERE), my mother passed away recently from complications resulting from her on-going battle with Leukemia.  But while her fight is now finished, mine is just beginning.  Now, I’m in no way comparing my ‘fight’ with what my mom has been through over the past 13-14 months but, well, let’s just say I have some interesting challenges ahead of me this year that I plan to undertake in her memory so my training continues in earnest.

One of these challenges was participating in the ‘Battle in the Saddle’ this past weekend at the Energy Fitness Studio in St. Catharines, a 24-hour spin-a-thon supporting the Canadian Cancer Society who basically manage and maintain all the volunteers, drivers, home care aids, family councilors, etc., and have pretty much been an invaluable resource to us over the last six months.  Their mission “is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer”.  In short, it’s a damn good cause if ever there was one.  I wouldn’t give two cents to cancer research anymore (seriously, how is it that after billions and trillions of dollars raised over the years we’re, like, still nowhere close to developing a cure?), but this organization are the real deal…helping families to cope.



My involvement included my participation in four one-hour spin classes over the 24 hour period.  Next year, I’m considering doing the whole lot.  I shit you not.

My first session started promptly at 1:00pm and the instructor asked us in the opening minutes to visualize riding in a peloton and to expect random ‘attacks’ from other riders; that was all that I needed to hear and I was up and out of the saddle in about 2 nanoseconds and making a Floyd Landis-like breakaway from the group in my mind.  The second session came later that evening and consisted of some pretty challenging and punishing strength intervals; right up my alley.  My favorite session, however, the third, occurred in the middle of the night beginning at 2:00am.  As a prank, one of the volunteers taped the hands of one of the participants beside me, cranked his resistance up to 21 and removed his seat before walking away.  I guess they wanted him to suffer a bit (good naturedly, I’m sure).  In my mind, I figured there was no need to suffer it alone (such is the case with cancer as I am now keenly aware), so I adjusted my own resistance to the same, stood up and we pretty much proceeded that way for the entire hour.  I felt pretty good about that, even if my legs might have complained some.  But I managed well enough.  The last session in the morning was another sweaty sprinting session and it was over almost as quickly as it started, it was over.

All in all, I managed to raise $915.00 in my mom’s memory and a HUGE thank you goes out to all my friends, family, readers and anonymous donors who made this all possible through their generosity and support.  THANK YOU.

Here is a summary of the event afterwards.  And, yeah, that’s me yours truly at the 2:44 mark keeping the pace up.


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