24 Hour Challenge

Posted: February 15, 2014 in In Transition, Run
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There is a trending viral video challenge going around on Facebook as of late, and while I had originally hoped to be overlooked in the whole shenanigans, in the end, I got tagged to participate as well.  Drat.

Anyway, the ’24 Hour Challenge’ (aka ‘Neknomination’) was said to have originated in Australia, where someone had to chug a beer, do a ridiculous stunt and then challenge three other buddies to do the same.  We Canadians, however, put our own unique twist on it and substituted the challenge with crazy winter-based stunts like jumping in snow, or tobogganing in our underpants…oh, and chugging a beer, of course.  Once nominated, the three chosen victims, err, nominees, have 24 hours to post their own stunt, tag new nominees and so the circle continues.

Recently though, a new element or, shall we say ‘cause’ has been added to the challenge.  Local resident Matthew Risi, a Thorold native was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and if that’s not bad enough, Canada seems to be eons behind the rest of the world in recognizing it as a viable illness, so, Risi has to seek his treatment elsewhere, namely the States…which, is gonna be costly to the tune of $80,000.  So, in an effort to provide some financial assistance the groundwork for this particular ‘24 Hour Challenge’ was laid.  The Facebook page alone has more than 12,000 members at this point with donations pouring in regularly.

So, with all that being said, here is my own 24 Hour Challenge video.  I will forewarn you however, do not be lured in and hypnotized by the jiggling belly fat as I can run much better than I’m typically given credit for (including that which I give myself).  So without further ado:


So, yeah, there’s me in all my nearly naked glory.  Drink it in.  Now if that doesn’t inspire you to do great things, like, maybe, gouge your eyes out with a soup spoon, I don’t know what does.

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