How To Make Your Own Cycle Rollers

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Bike, Financial

I’ve always wanted a set of rollers for my indoor bike sessions but, really, I’m just too cheap.

Why rollers you ask?  Well, there are two major benefits to rollers when compared with using a regular trainer which is what I’m currently utilizing (like most, I assume). The first is that riding on rollers is a fast-track method to improving your balance and bike handling skills.  If you struggle on the road with basics such as holding a straight course when getting a bottle out of its cage, digging an energy bar out of your jersey pocket or putting on a waterproof on the go, then you could definitely benefit from the balance and core stability training that rollers deliver.  The second is that the high cadence workouts typically performed on rollers are perfect for developing a super-smooth, even and efficient pedal stroke.  Poetically described by the French as ‘souplesse pedaling’, it’s what pro riders spend most of the winter working on and what separates great riders from the merely good.

Another benefit is that you get a more interesting workout than on a normal trainer because you have something to concentrate on. The ease of setting up is also a bonus – you don’t have to bolt your bike on – and rollers are less stressful on your bike because it’s not fixed in position and subjected to unusual loads or random torquing of the bike’s frame during moments of intensity.

But, still, there’s the whole cost factor; something I’ve yet been able to bring myself to fork out for being the total tightwad that I am.  Hey, decent rollers can cost upwards of $300.00, and that’s a hard expenditure to justify.

Anyway, I think I may have just found the perfect solution:

Now I have all the craftsy-DIY skills as, say, a newborn baby Beluga, so if any of my fellow tightwad triathlon friends and peers are looking for a great (and cheap!) holiday present for me this year, this novel gift idea would be both completely awesome and well appreciated.

I thank you in advance!


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