Fuck That: A Guided Meditation

Posted: July 21, 2015 in In Transition, Yoga

You might remember that I once attempted to dabble in meditation (click HERE  for a little reminder).  I was kind of an experiment to see if any benefits could really be gained from it.

Long story short:  I failed.


My times didn’t improve (or get worse for that matter) and my workouts were no less difficult.  Oh well.  Nothing venured; nothing gained, right?  I’m just not the hippie “love and light” kinda guy I guess.  Now, I still use positive visualization from time-to-time (in fact, there’s a great post forth-coming on this very topic, hopefully, in the near future) during my training and competitions but when it comes to just relaxing and clearing my mind, well, not so much.  I just can’t disconnect that way.

Even during my regular yoga practice a few years back, I couldn’t stand all that “breathe in peace and light”  bullshit.  I mean seriously, how do you breathe in light?  C’mon. Often, I’d skip shavasna all together if I felt the instructor was overly aggressive in spoon-feeding me this hocus-pocus.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the quiet 10 minutes of just laying around in quiet but don’t hassle me then with “peace and love” hooey.  Just let me lie here…quietly.  To each their own I suppose, but meditation it seemed wasn’t for me…until now.

This…THIS,  is a mediation I can get behind:

Yeah.  This could work.


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